Wightstorm Muster Point Difficulty

Can you solo this event with a battlecruiser with T2 modules? I tried this with a Hurricane, got by butt kicked by the boss, and then my fleetmates (who were just sitting around to see the experiment of what it would take to solo the site) then helped me beat the boss. First of all, I had minmatar battlecruiser III, not V, so I wasn’t very effective. My fit wasn’t a proper t2 fit, the drones, the rigs, and the shield booster were t1. Everyone in the fleet also had a warp scrambler, so that was one slot I could have had a battery instead. I actually capped out before my shield ran out and the shield lasted long enough that if I had cap, I could get 3, maybe 3.25 more cycles of the booster. Also, these event sites hate drones, I lost all my drones before I even got to the boss. I don’t know if the problem I had was if I wasn’t properly fit (the scram did little, and I cheaped out on some modules), my skills (I’m not getting the full hull bonuses with my skill), the fact that I used my drones for the early stages (I therefore was only using my guns on the boss since I had no DPS from my drones), or if trying this with a BC was too small anyways.

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Yeah, a Battlecruiser isn’t very efficient for running those event sites. All I see is a lot of Marauders and Battleships doing those event sites…

Ok thanks. I wish the NPCs didn’t hate drones though. I want to use expensive ones, but in structure defense fights they’re a waste of ISK and this event clearly isn’t the time to use them.

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CCP made this event for greedy players using Marauders, in a T1 Battleship you stand no change against them because killing the boss is a damage race and a T1 Battleship cant compete against a Marauder. So if you are killing the trash rats in your T1 and a Marauders comes in you have wasted your time and effort.

I don’t mind if this is an event for Marauder pilots. They get big loot if they dare come on grid (and their module means no quick align for a quick gettaway) without CONCORD ready to avenge them. I was able to do damage on the boss with the Hurricane and I could have offed it eventually if my tank would last forever, but I capped out and in 13 seconds I watched my shield go from 82% to 0. If I had a battery that’s enough to cycle many times.

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Have you considered a cap booster instead of battery?Also I hear Praxis is quite nice. Maybe bring the battlecruiser along for command links since you have these friends you mention.

I think either would improve the cap situation. My point was that the warp scrambler didn’t really help me trying to solo the boss. I was losing all the shields within 13 seconds after being capped out. That warp scrambler could have been either a battery or a booster. If I had a battery instead of a warp scrambler… well honestly I don’t think that would be enough since both the boss and my ship were outdamaging each other’s repairs but I think I was going down first. I was wondering if I didn’t cap out if I’d make it if my drones were still available, but it seems like the consensus is that a BC just can’t kill the boss before he finishes me.

The usual way we do PVE is someone finds a fit that solos a site, he goes in, 3 of use T1 battlecruiers, and the rest bring along what they think would be fun that day. I like the Dragoon for instance and someone in the group was trying to get a Heavy Missile Gila fit to work when we were taking on Serpentis 3 months ago. In essence, our preferred way is to have someone carry the team and everyone else just focuses on enjoying themselves and their firepower speeding up the process. But you know its low sec, so 3 BCs are usually fit for solo PVP (omini tank, use of scram in a mid-slot) rather than the event.

In this case we ended up just using 3 HACs and 4 BCs but we didn’t have much confidence any of us would have been able to solo it. I guess we’ll try one of those Praxis fits out there as the “core” event runner of the fleet and then slap on an armor command on a BC.

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