Wildfire missions in enemy faction territory?

I’ve recently returned from a long, long time away and was working my way through the Wildfire chain. The first mission in chapter 2 has me flying in to Amarr space, I think I am -5.6 with them and so when I jumped in, they told me to leave, I jumped to the mission location and they followed about 10 seconds later.

I have 2 questions, the first, how difficult would it be to fight the faction NPCs, the second, if I succeed, how much time will it take for a new group to warp on on me.


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The Faction Navy is not that hard to fight, I think its a combination of Frigates ( that web) Cruisers and a Battleship, maybe 5 ships in total (can’t really remember).

They do not warp scram/disrupt so you can always warp out, but they just keep coming. Kill one and a replacement warps in very quickly.

Is that -5.6 before or after skills? (Diplomacy) if its before (ie you don’t have Diplomacy trained) then that should give you enough of a boost to let you fly with no issues.

The other option is to run through the SOE level 1 epic arc, you can chose which faction rewards you in that, pick Amarr and it should probably give you enough of a boost.

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I know this thread is a little bit old but maybe this info will help others with similar issue.

The only problem with that is the level 1 SOE arc sends the player into all Empire space, so he’ll still have the same problem, being chased by the Faction Navy ships.

If Diplomacy skill is fully trained and Amarr is at -5.6 standing, then he can either run 16 missions for a level 1 Amarr Agent located in Minmatar / Gallente space for Storyline mission offer to raise Amarr Faction above -5.00 standing …

Or …

If Caldari Faction is above -5.00 standing, he can freely enter Caldari space and complete the Caldari level 1 Data Center Agents. That will give derived standings to Amarr and help raise his -5.6 up above -5.00 Amarr standing.

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