SoE Epic arc and - Gallente standing

So im trying to run the SoE story arc finally because i was putting it off, however im at a - 8 something with Gallente, im trying to run it in a comerant, but i keep getting Gallente ships warping in and blasting me during missions. Am i just SoL and gotta suck it up? Or should i bring in a battle ship just to be able to do these missions IF they spawn in.

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If you’re below -5, then you will be constantly hunted by that faction while in their space. It is what it is and they won’t stop coming after you, although you can get away from them in most cases.

However, something you can do while you are dodging them is train up Diplomacy a few levels to get above -5.


Problem im having is they are warping in with BS and locking be down and burning me in a heart beat. Not sure if i should just bring a battleship to deal with them and do the mission.

Does the majority of the SoE arc take place in Gallente and minmatar space?

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Yeah, you definitely have to keep moving to dodge them. SoE is affiliated with Gallente, so slightly more of the arc takes place in their space, but one of the points of this particular arc is to show players different parts of space, so you will move through all of the empires.

Don’t take a battleship. Not only is it overkill for the missions (which are all basically L1 missions), but all that travel will make you want to kill yourself in a BS.

If you haven’t trained it, definitely grab Diplomacy and train that up and that should help.

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Training now, I was doing fine in my little commerant…until the fire nation, i mean Gallente battle ship attacked. Was trying to get a nice break for l4 Maruder running and its been a hell of a time.


Cool. That should help with the Minmatar space as well (assuming your’e low with them as well). If you want info on a longer-term strategy for fixing faction standings, do a search in the forums for “The Plan”.


I shall give that a look up. In regards to my low standing and them warping in to attack me when in gallente space, does this also happen when doing incursions if I’m fleeted up?

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As far as I know, yes. If you’re in Empire space and you have a standing below -5 with the faction whose space you’re in, they should be coming after you regardless of where you are or what you’re doing if you’re undocked.

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Don’t bring a battleship, you will most likely just lose it or have to warp out anyways. Come in something quick and cheap.

Might want to raise some of that faction back up before you do this sort of stuff. Once you train your social skills up, you can also use the faction standing boosters, there is a 50 and 75% available, they’re like 40 and 130 mil in Jita but they last quite a while depending on your biology skill.

These boosters migth help you but not if your social skills are all the way down or too low in the first place since its the social skills that they are boosting.

At -8 it will be difficult for you to gain access to agents etc. So train social, then take booster, go to work on it.

Also why are you -8 ? Are you in FW corp ? if so, drop it then come back to it later. If its just from PvP then you are screwed unless you grind this back up a bit.


Yeah unfortunately my dumb ass did pvp solo

Correction solo FW

Another trick is bring just a pod and use an alt in fleet to do the mission. Then the final mission use something fast enough to avoid the bs and get the Gal standings back that way. Then run it in fleet with alts and friends a few more times as the standing can be shared

Been there done that so understand. Sucks how quickly the negative hits stack up. I ended up abandoning my PvP character and used my HS alt. For SOE you don’t need much on training, just train into a Caracal with like 250 ish DPS on Light Missiles, not rapid light, just light for the range, or an Algos or even Sunesis or Gnosis. By default you will not have to worry about all this faction crap on it and will end up with a character that is actually usable in many places. Do some Caldari Navy missions on it too so you can get your faction for Jita market while at it.

Thankfully, because of the suggestions here, training social and diplomacy pulled me up to a -4.3 with them so I can now actually do the missions. Been doing them in a comarant and it’s been a cake walk


Gratz for getting above -5.00 Faction standing.

Hopefully you didn’t max out Diplomacy skill. If you did, there’s still more options to repair Negative Faction Standings listed in ‘The Plan’.

Anyway, in the future just keep an eye on your Empire standings and you shouldn’t have any issues with traveling in New Eden.

By the way, when I say Empire, I’m talking about Factions that control High Security Systems. Also the Connections skill will raise your current positive Faction standings.

Empire Factions

(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Amarr Empire
Ammatar Mandate
Caldari State
Concord Assembly
Gallente Federation
Khanid Kingdom
Minmatar Republic
The Interbus

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By nature when doing pve combat missions (i.e. security, DED, Incursions, etc.) you will naturally generate a positive rating with the specific faction that you are working for… however as you run incursions you will gain CONCORD Rating and LP (which can be exchanged for the faction of space that you stationed in or need for skills, modules, and/or ships)

As a side note with incursions… you generally don’t want a negative rating with respects to the factions listed above… especially with regards to High Security space

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