Will Alliances be able to build monolithic structures

I can’t think of a better time/isk sink than creative monolithic structures to commemorate or celebrate a person, place, event, organization, etc…

By monolithic i mean great, like the ones below:




Eiffel Tower

I did a search and didn’t find anything on this topic. Maybe this was covered in some other way. But would give another reason to go to null-sec to sight see/tourism. We would have a new profession Architect.

What do you guys think?

So far, only Katia Sae has been worthy of a monolith.

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I’m thinking they can be put up for any reason and those that disagree can tare them down just like in real life. Or perhapse when an alliances territory is invaded the incoming alliance can spare them if they choose.

CCP does not generally use developer resources for pure vanity items like this unless there is a direct PLEX cost of some sort - and a lot of eager buyers.

CCP talked about propaganda structures a while back, but those might have been abandoned. Anyway, I think the ability to build vanity items would be cool (and potentially a big isk or ore sink that doesn’t affect game balance), but I’m not sure most of the player base will agree. They’ll probably say that there is more important stuff to spend dev resources on.

P.S. I would be tickled pink if I could build a big middle finger on a gate in niarja. It’s hilarious to me to think think of people seeing it as they die to gate camps.

Well, art is art afterall.

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