Will Auto-target missile give you suspect timer?

here’s my question, when load with auto-target missile, travel through gate camp and crash the gate, will the auto-target missile auto fire back give me timer so i can’t go through the gate?

Suspect timer lets you take gates.

Weapons timer you mean, and while I am not 100% sure, my guess is that firing back at players gives you a weapons timer and will stop you from taking that gate.

Suspect timer doesn’t stop you from taking gates.


Auto-targeting missiles still have to be fired by you. They do not auto-fire based on people being present - you have to start them firing and they will cycle fire as normal from there, just like any other missile launcher - so if they target a capsuleer you will get the weapons timer. The special characteristic of these missiles is simply that they are not dependent upon your ship having target locks - instead, they individually target any ship who fired on you that is closest to you (so if you are target jammed you can still shoot back). Their AI is pretty rough, though, so they are rarely going to be an optimal choice.

More edits for clarity and readability; my phone is trash mkay?

Never used auto-targeting missiles, didn’t know you still have to actively cycle them as player. That makes them even less appealing.

clarified with an edit; they auto-cycle still, but they don’t start firing on their own. No missile launchers do, afaik.


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