Will there be a new 3 month omega / 3 month MTC?

I’ve just run out. These have been my main source. With all the new payment plans, is this one coming back? What other options do I have?

Hi Welcome;) Highsec extortion is an option.

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You owe me a billion ISK.


You are not my princess!
Your powers do not work on me.

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You owe me several billion ISK.

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Princess I need saving once again. I have fallen into a life of crime inside new eden and it’s no ones fault other than my own. I though do not believe that this is the right thread to discuss such fines.

Perhaps an invite to your pleasure palace courtyard or dungeon aka “Why Was I Ganked?”

1 billion isk

Nobody here knows for sure - the CCP folks who DO post on the forums don’t appear to be involved in these decisions - but, when they are run, CCP tends to launch this deal at the end of the calendar quarter. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for the next couple weeks to see if the deal returns.

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Posted after this morning’s update on the launcher. Same deal but i think a couple dollars more? Runs through July 4th.

MCT unreasonably overpriced
It gives you less possibilities than another omega account but costs more $$$

Logic, CCP? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

@ Bella Rock has connections as today on the launcher is reads Save 50% on Omega + MCT

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