Will this Enforcer surive the abyss?

I tested that, doesn’t seem to do too well unfortunately. Such a good looking ship, wish it could do more in the abyss :frowning:

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Maybe try a Stormbringer next?

If you have to ask other people how you should fit an Enforcer, you shouldn’t be flying an Enforcer.

This is called the Marshal Principle.



Thats why Im flying on the test server :smiley: Also just in general im wondering if anyone has actually managed to come up with an efficient enforcer fit for the abyss

when those damn skillbook specialisations go down :confused:

The Enforcer is a recon ship and not to be flown into the abyss.


Would YOU try a tier 4 or 5 site with a Pilgrim or rapier and if not, why is that?

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The Concord “Player” ships are designed towards Asteroid Belt ratting. You’ll find that there are quite a few ships that are better than these ships. You do have the right spirit - “nothing ventured, nothing gained” :upside_down_face:

Don’t dare to tell me how to play my sandbox! :wink:


Battle ventures in the abyss…interesting idea.

I’m not sure if this is a joke or if it’s just hilariously wrong.

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blinks it has one bonus specifically aimed at this. The bonus to security rating and that’s it. I suppose one could use a covert cloak to go ninja ratting somewhere… but no, I don’t agree.

Seriously, it has a hull bonus to points and scrams… when do you need to use those in PvE?

To make sure that Officer spawns don’t warp away?

And the venture is designed for lowsec, yet some pilots choose to fly them in other places.

Good luck, I’ve been trying to finish Fallout 4 in survival-mode using only .38 pistol for over a year now and know the challenge. …It’s worth the fight.

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