Will we ever get a tech 2 Rokh or Astero?

I just came back to the game after about 7 years off, very sad that a variation of the Rokh or Astero has not been added yet, anyone have any word on new ships or has ccp given up on it?

astero is a pirate faction frig its not getting any T2 plus it has a cruiser and bs variant already.

what does anyone use rokh for anyhow


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New ships need a valid reason to exist, what role would a T2 rokh even serve when we already have black ops and marauders, making ships for the sake of making ships doesn’t really work

you would first have to show more than 3 people use the T1 Rokh…

I only use the Rokh for mining, so would the T2 version of it be considered an Exhumer?

I want a Tech 3 Tactical Rorqual.

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T2 Rokh can have a bonus to smart bomb damage and range. You know you want it.


If you don’t know how to use a Rokh you need to watch some Rook’s and King’s.

To be fair the astero is as tanky as a t2 ship already that thing is crazy.

My question to you is why do you want these ship’s? Also if you have been away 7 years have you seen the Concord / triglavain or edencom shiplines?

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Battleship logi?

So… nestor?


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