Windstorm anchorage combat site (Winter Nexus) 2021

Hey there today I was running a normal “windstorm Transite Site” WInter Nexus Event site 2021 but I had to warp out for neutrals and then suddenly there were these 3 Sansha Dreadnought called “Moonwight Rakshasa” and there were 3 of them together. I have seen all those titan/dread/supercarriers spawn I even saw supercarrier for the Sansha in incursion but never were these dreadnought and 3 of them together. and they had those DIAMOND NPC icons in their name and then the Site name changed to “Windstorm Anchorage”. so now I tried to search about it but couldn’t find any information regarding them, I am interested to know. I only got some killmails in Zkillboard.
so I go there with my ship there are not impliedly shoots you but after roughly 1 min they will shoot you and the even pod you


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What is the output after killing the dread?

  • Small numbers of new Wightstorm Anchorage sites can also be found within the lowsec and nullsec Volatile Ice Storms. These locations contain hostile Sansha’s Nation Dreadnaughts and CONCORD advises capsuleers to engage these sites either at the helm of a stout capital ship or with a fleet of allies.

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i like to find out… but you probably need capital fleet for that

did anyone actually done that site?

I made the first wave. Unfortunately, another one followed, with 6 draednoughts in it. Unfortunately, I doubted my strength and had to run away. There was no loot out of the first three units.

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