With 15min mechanic, Black ops and Nestor should get covert cloak

Black ops are useless for anyone but big alliances today. They are weak, vulnerable, and basically a form of logi. With the 15 minute cloak timer introduction, we should consider getting more use out of black ops by Letting them use covert cloak but not while fitted for cyno. This would open up a whole new realm of PvP. Also the Nestor should have it, I think. I hate the Nestor would never fly it but if it were allowed covert cloak with a long reactivation delay, you would see many more people move into WH play. This would make lots of content for corps like Wingspan;) The timer, imo adds a balance that I hate but I get it. Let’s get the most out of it and get more players into empty regions.

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***I would fly and die in my Widow. That’s $$$ for CCP :wink: but it would be soooooo fun!

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Along with a few much-needed buffs to Black Ops, ie: bring the DPS in-line for all and drop the logistics aspect from the Sin (make it a purely drone boat).

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Nerf BlackOps. They already have a success rating higher than any other subcap, only comparable to supercaps. And are exclusively used to curbstomp weaker targets in 98.7% safety anyway. Absolutely no need to buff them in any way.


…says the Capsuleer who hunts them for a living… hehe The only thing good about them rn is covert cyno & easy to skill a sucker to die newb toon into, compared to caps.

If we look at your KB (I bow, btw Sir!), we see your bias perspective quite well Syzygium | Character | zKillboard

My only bias personally is that I have skilled into a Widow in like 2017 but have never been able to justify flying one (risk vs reward), like many Capsuleers.

From a corp perspective, Wingspan (of which I am currently NOT a member of; i am in the doghouse rn but I’ll make amends and be back soon!): The number of times I considered using a Widow is about 100. The number of times we fleeted with a Widow was zero. We would like to see at least one blackops ship suited to W-space. The Widow is the most obvious choice for this. Allow a Covert Cloaking Device, and watch the content unfold. This opinion doesn’t come from a pilot perspective, but a hunter perspective. I am personally quite risk-averse, I would never dream of going down a hole with a Widow, I’ll stick to non-dscannables and T3Cs. But I would really enjoy small gang drop on a Widow ++!
*Balance and benefit: Benefit is largely to solo/small gangs, and WH use. Risk in WH especially with the 15min cloak timer, is very high but potentially rewarding. Getting to your hole is a little bit safer. Marginally. I actually predict the loss rate to be much higher with CC option due to increased use vs performance. e.g. I can easily tank and solo TC3 to a Widow to its demise.

Just give them t2 resists and call it a day.
Covops cloak would be op af.

What do you mean?


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