Working together for ISK

So my understanding thus far is that there’s no activity where you can just throw large quantities of money at and make enough of a profit to justify investors, and that’s why Banks, Selling Shares, Ect tend to be scams?

Are there any cooperative activities where people in a group would benefit isk wise?

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I’m sure there’s plenty of activities that you throw large quantities of isk at to get even more isk out. If you want to manage like 300 characters to do PI + SP farming, you’ll get more and more money for each character you buy. It requires a huge startup capital, but once you get going you can generate enough money to buy more characters to keep making even more money.

Industry and reactions are also pretty profitable like this, the more characters you train up the more slots you have to do industry to keep getting more profit to buy characters with.

The only problem is stuff like this burn people out very quickly, imagine spending 5-6 hours a day having to log in, collect stuff from reactions, sending it to a main market character, starting up another reaction and repeating the cycle for 300 characters

I personally did this with SP farming and PI grinding for about 3 months on 3 characters, and even though i got about 1b/month profit + 500 plex every month, I quit after only 3 months because setting up and monitoring daily market sell/buy orders for PI + moving it around is extremely mundane.

Most people just opt for buying more rorqual accounts and mining though, which also makes more profit the more money you throw at it

Good post OP and things like these are good questions. I think two people could work together to put together cash to dual-seed a station or mission hub. Such as both splitting up on item categories of massing up items for sale on a station to create a hub.

Yes. Coalitions and alliances cooperate with each other to mine and produce in nullsec all the time, with massive benefits, isk-wise.

Banks, shares, etc tend to be scams because they started out as scams. There are certainly good investments such as EVE Museum and IChooseyou which has been demonstrated to be trustworthy, to a point. And people are always doing loans and bonds. A lot of people invest a lot of isk into these things.

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