Wormhole Eviction and Hole Control

I think hole control refers to aggressively rolling any holes that lead to anywhere that the rollers don’t want.

If the wormhole owners re-establish hole control, they can get help from friendly wormhole groups and the attackers can’t use the static wormhole to get in.

So what if a group of the attackers outside the target hole see a roller coming out of the target hole trying to roll it? They could just scram and kill it. Could then then try to jam a bunch of ships in to reenforce their comrades inside the target hole? Or would the defenders just bubble up the other side and send a ping to everyone to dogpile on the hole?

I’m not sure what you are exactly asking.

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If the defenders accidentally rolled the hole into someplace the attackers have ships, can the attackers just try to flood the WH before the defenders can roll it, or will the chokepoint of the wormhole make this difficult?

While the chance for that is very, very low, it could happen.

But for the off-chance this might actually be the case, the attacking group would need to have a scanner start scanning for the wormhole immediatly to have a chance to catch the rollers.
Usually it won’t be a lonely ship that roles a wormhole. It will be just enough to collapse the static with all of them jumping back and forth once.
That takes maybe a minute, including warping to the wormhole, jumping out and back in.

If the attacking group can recognize this connection actually just happened, they would need to scan down and warp to the wormhole before the defenders can roll it.
That is very unlikely too.

What’s more likely is that the attackers have scanners inside their target system already and scan for connections from the inside out.
They look for ways into the system and communicate to the fleet what the closest current entry is. The attacking fleet moves then there asap in the hopes that the defending group can not roll the wormhole before they arrive.

But noone that is sane will gamble on the terrible odds that the next static will be where they are waiting with their fleet.

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Ooops, we did this wrong last month then. We just had one guy in a Higgs fitted battleship go through and 7 battleships, a logi, some EWAR, and some tackle sitting on our side. A few times the Higgs guy got blown up and came back in a pod and we just sat there for a few hours. We reasoned if too many of us fitted Higgs we’d be sitting ducks while rolling, so best to just risk one ship at a time. At least 3 times I was wondering if the group that killed the roller would try to jam ships down the hole.

They were probably just happy you kept feeding battleships through there. Like someone sliding a steak through a mail slot to a hungry dog on the other side.


if you get podded youre done… rolling with the correct number of rollers is far lower risk.

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