Wormhole hopping - a solo sport for capsuleers

Earlier today, I had an idea for spaceship racing. Since then, I’ve come up with another idea, this time one that you don’t need a group of people to participate in to enjoy: wormhole hopping!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Scan down a wormhole and jump into w-space
  2. Once you’re in w-space (if the initial wormhole doesn’t lead to w-space, try again with a different wormhole), you can’t leave the current system you’re in by the wormhole you used to enter it, unless there are no more wormholes, or all the wormholes lead to dead ends. Scan down a new wormhole in order to leave.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you get back into k-space, or your ship gets destroyed

Your score is the total number of different wormhole systems you visit. You can try to jump through it as fast as possible (lowest score is best), or keep the chain going for as long as you can (highest score is best). Give it a go and see how well you do!



Another fun game is ShooTMiners. You warp into a Highsec system, find a miner, shoot them. Keep going. Your score is on zkillboard.com.


A bit less boring, but you have to idle 15min every time, which is boring again. And then reshipping, I hate reshipping.


/Also Spaceship racing sounds kind of cool.

We could do it if you make a event.

Something literally any brainless algorithm could do.

Brainless goo fun, no fun for me, sorry.

Iv already mastered this game!

Does transiting Thera count in the score. Sometimes it seems all wormholes eventually lead to Thera.

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