Wormhole Police MOST WANTED Criminals

Week ending 2022-01-14

As the Chief of The Wormhole Police under Interstellar Universal Statute Law Freedom of Information Act (IUS Lex Title 5A, Chapter 551) - I am required to make public our current Most Wanted list of dirtbag criminals.

Please be advised that ordinary Citizens should not attempt to engage these dangerous criminals. Only properly licensed Vigilante Hunters in good standing are authorized to pursue.

1.Khan O'Leary Khan O’Leary - Assault on police officer, using noobs as bait, Porch Piracy.
2.Resnditar Resnditar - Aggravated desecration of sensitive landmarks.
3.CoH1a CoH1a - desecration of sensitive landmarks, Impersonating a Ginger.
4.ERHLANG ERHLANG - Repeat Offender - desecration of sensitive landmarks.
5.barmalei-75 barmalei-75 - Theft of ore.
6.AkseiL Expansive AkseiL Expansive - Widespread MURDER of innocent “pirate faction” pilots.
7.xxxBlackJackxxx xxxBlackJackxxx - desecration of culturally sensitive landmarks.
8.Bilikis Bilikis - Petty Theft of sensitive landmarks.
9.Ellatrik Ellatrik - Petty Theft of sensitive landmarks.
10.Materid Freir Materid Freir - Petty Theft of sensitive landmarks, Impersonating Bob Lazar

If you spot any of these dangerous criminals please notify your nearest authorized Wormhole Police Officer, Deputy or Vigilante. Ordinary Citizens should not attempt to engage!


  • How did I get on this list? - The Wormhole Police maintain a network of confidential informants (karens) who keep tabs on dirtbags like you and report your activities directly to our Head Fedo in charge of Snitches.

  • How do I get off this list? - Either keep your nose clean while in wormhole space for 14 days or perform community service as a licensed vigilante hunter. Contact a Wormhole Police Officer to obtain proper licensing.

  • What gives you the right? - Might Makes Right - (IUS Lex Title 1 Chaper 1, Pg 1)


I like you


Hehe that made me laugh, I support this post , some of Vinny’s video’s are very good , take a look

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It’s good to see concerned Citizens like you @Githany_Red! It’s always a smart idea to maintain a high state of situational awareness. Space is crawling with dirtbags who won’t hesitate to rob you blind and/or murder you and your entire family!

Our RAW, Uncut, Emotionally Charged video evidence locker is made available so that Ordinary Citizens can keep their thumbs on the pulse of wormhole space. Our patrol area casts a wide net on these dirtbags! KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS!

If you See Something, Say Something. Report crimes to The Wormhole Police and help keep Wormholes Safe!

The dirtbags from the week ending 2022-01-07…

1.This positition is largely ceremonial.
2.Clubpok - Still at large, downgraded
3.Eadiatcon Imim - Still at large, downgraded
4.MOS Crunkit- Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
5.Maks stroller - Continues to offend, at large, downgraded
6.Julius Mordan - Downgraded to #11
7.BadBison - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
8.MaksimSH - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
9.MoiNomer - Continues to offend, at large, Downgraded
10.DopinG96Ganger - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!