Wormhole Police MOST WANTED Criminals

Week ending 2023-05-12

As the Chief of The Wormhole Police under Interstellar Universal Statute Law Freedom of Information Act (IUS Lex Title 5A, Chapter 551) - I am required to make public our current Most Wanted list of dirtbag criminals.

Please be advised that ordinary Citizens should not attempt to engage these dangerous criminals. Only properly licensed Vigilante Hunters in good standing are authorized to pursue.

1.blitzd86 @BLiTzD86 - 10 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  3. For dirtbagging in HS, LS, especially NS but never breaking rule 1…DIRTBAG!!!
  4. Absent
  5. for not even logging in for like 4 days to do dirtbaggery…DIRTBAG!
  6. he needs more unwanted attention
  7. for havin fun in NS and not quiting…also dirtbaggery…DIRTBAG!
  8. as he needs more tlc on his thursday evening
  9. for making me concerned about his safety hanging around in the ‘holding cells’ a tad too ling at WHPD HQ
  10. for using reverse psychology


2.Solstice Project2 @Solstice_Projekt - 7 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. it’s his fault
  2. for trying to incite a riot while Vinne was on break! What a dirtbag!
  3. Gatekeeping goatcams. Vinne, don’t accept this bullying. Bring back Scroticus!
  5. being a negative nancy
  6. For making Vinne create a blank complaint.
  7. twice!


3.Scroticus McGoaticus Scroticus McGoaticus - 6 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for being a dirtbag
  2. for being a dirtbag
  3. for being an alpha dirtbag
  4. for random roll clothes
  5. for being the last alt to be created so no omega!
  6. for being a dirtbag


4.Ron Jester @Ron_Jester - 4 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for turning on the lions king so I can fast forward to the hula
  2. Jester for putting in overtime again tonight and missing dinner and Vinny
  3. for dislocating Miss Squeen’s hip.
  4. for making fun of my infection


5.Lord Kalus @Lord_Kalus - 3 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for being a bad and not feeling bad due to feeding the nullbears in x47 for the 20th anniversary. Battle Report Tool
  2. plotting to hijack the wormhole explo module market
  3. doubling down on being a filthy miner by having mining fleets in multiple systems


6.line9 %line9% - 3 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. At it again!
  2. Breaking chat on TQ
  3. Angering the NullBears!


7.Twizted3 @Twizted3 - 3 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for receiving an unethical shoutout
  2. For not streaming enough
  3. For having a face


8.BoBoTheDestroyer BoboTheDestr0yer - 2 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. just cause i wanna be an outlaw LUL
  2. for being a normie.


9.ccpgames CCP Games - 2 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for letting 4000 nerds shoot him in a titan and then not posting the killmail
  2. for taking forever to update the career agents. CCPlz


10.Jonthiet Jonthiet - 2 NonAnonymous Karen Complaints for…

  1. for failing to understand that sometimes kill can happen around the same time in other areas of space.
  2. because he is alligned with Amarr. who does that!?


If you spot any of these dangerous criminals please notify your nearest authorized Wormhole Police Officer, Deputy or Vigilante. Ordinary Citizens should not attempt to engage!


  • How did I get on this list? - The Wormhole Police maintain a network of confidential informants (karens) who keep tabs on dirtbags like you and report your activities directly to our Head Fedo in charge of Snitches.

  • How do I get off this list? - Either keep your nose clean while in wormhole space for 14 days or perform community service as a licensed vigilante hunter. Contact a Wormhole Police Officer to obtain proper licensing.

  • What gives you the right? - Might Makes Right - (IUS Lex Title 1 Chaper 1, Pg 1)


I like you


Hehe that made me laugh, I support this post , some of Vinny’s video’s are very good , take a look


It’s good to see concerned Citizens like you @Githany_Red! It’s always a smart idea to maintain a high state of situational awareness. Space is crawling with dirtbags who won’t hesitate to rob you blind and/or murder you and your entire family!

Our RAW, Uncut, Emotionally Charged video evidence locker is made available so that Ordinary Citizens can keep their thumbs on the pulse of wormhole space. Our patrol area casts a wide net on these dirtbags! KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS!

If you See Something, Say Something. Report crimes to The Wormhole Police and help keep Wormholes Safe!

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The dirtbags from the week ending 2022-01-07…

1.This positition is largely ceremonial.
2.Clubpok - Still at large, downgraded
3.Eadiatcon Imim - Still at large, downgraded
4.MOS Crunkit- Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
5.Maks stroller - Continues to offend, at large, downgraded
6.Julius Mordan - Downgraded to #11
7.BadBison - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
8.MaksimSH - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!
9.MoiNomer - Continues to offend, at large, Downgraded
10.DopinG96Ganger - Kept his nose clean, REDEEMED!

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The dirtbags from week ending 2022-01-14

1.This position is largely ceremonial
2.Resnditar - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded
3.CoH1a - Still wanted, retains #3 position.
4.ERHLANG - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
5.barmalei-75 - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
6.AkseiL Expansive - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
7.xxxBlackJackxxx - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
8.Bilikis - BROUGHT TO JUSTICE by Officer @xyienced .
9.Ellatrik - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
10.Materid Freir - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.

Hello officer, citizen here. Just wondering how one of the dirtbags got onto the list of wanted criminals. illegal mining? how does that work…


It is our duty to protect culturally sensitive landmarks and resources in wormhole space. For far too long the Empires have sent their thieves, murderers, miners and hackers into sacred wormhole space to rob and pillage innocent “pirate factions” of their resources. I believe you’re referencing Inv Cale, this dirtbag was arrested, interviewed and warned that his activities would result in serious consequences yet he continues to break THE LAW.

I hope this answers your question Citizen @Lenoxfir


Sounds like a vicious scumbag officer
Thank you for the clarification


The dirtbags from the week ending 2022-01-21

1.This posisition is largely ceremonial
2.NaraScana - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
3.CoH1a - Still on the run, Upgraded to #2
4.Dilon Hantes - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
5.@Jamil_Al_Kobay - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
6.Askanios Soinaksa - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
7.zDMNz - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
8.Inv Cale - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
9.@Chase_Smackem - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.
10.Memens Klayr - On path to redemption with no new offenses. Downgraded.

I traveled through a wormhole recently. My engine was very loud (I removed the space muffler), the ship’s underside was lit up with bright LEDs, and I played very loud rap music in local chat. I didn’t even slow down to look both ways before jumping back out.


Citizen @Destiny_Corrupted,

After viewing your Wormhole Rapsheet on ZKILL, I find your story suspicious. You latest documented activity is from 10 years ago.

While it is 100% FACT that Wormholes are much safer than you’ve been led to believe… I cannot imagine that you could get away with these minor traffic crimes on the reg. A lucky break for you! Those underbody LEDs really give away your location and can draw undesired attention.

I give this a “Good story bro” and hope for you to stay Safe on your next visit to wormhole space. Don’t be a stranger!

Your Destiny awaits!

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Well…thankyou for that list from the ̶l̶o̶c̶a̶l̶ ̶m̶a̶f̶i̶a̶ wormhole police.

Talk a big game for a liar.

I, Ashterothi, wasn’t even present at all.

Additionally, we did not kidnap anyone, we simply moved the door.

If you can not handle the Wormhole then maybe you shouldn’t be “policing” it.

Finally, by the rights of the Empires and of CONCORD resource extraction is permitted within the Areas known as Anoikis.

I wonder why this attack came with no corresponding video of them getting us. Oh yeah, because it was in fact their allies’ mining vessels that were destroyed for trespassing.

I deny your jurisdiction.


Ashterothi owes Aiko money.


You are charged with littering and failure to pay fines. Your fines are nearly two years old. This is not a lie… The video evidence is available under Interstellar Universal Statute Law Freedom Of Information Act (IUS Lex - Title 5A, Chapter 551)

As for the rest of your complaints… You’ve provided unrelated evidence in defense of the littering fines. Your special crime took place in Placid. You had an opportunity to dispute the fines but you ignored all communications and penalties have been assessed.


My only comment on the killmail you’ve posted is… To the credit of Malevolon Row Industries, It appears that sane minds within that group have distanced themselves from you and your dirtbag ways. We’ve received reports that you’ve been kicked out of the alliance and are now operating solo.

This does not exempt MALRO from the ongoing prosecution of crimes in J150745 - Interested parties may view the incident report.

Finally… The Empires and their corrupt CONCORD muscle have NO JURISDICTION, rights, or privilege in Wormhole Space. Regardless of what you heard from Alex Jones, You are not a sovereign citizen. Any regulations you carry with you into the J150745 wormhole are superseded by IUS LEX.


How ridiculous! You have even less jurisdiction within Triglavian heald systems. And we are authorized to anchor devices to recover later. You incurred a CONCORD Suspect flag for this action and thus I would say that it was YOU who violated the good conduct of Invaded systems.

Furthermore, your telling me that a single legally anchored and utilized piece of military equipment in an occupied zone makes me “MOST WANTED”? Lordy, you must not get out often.

These claims are unfounded and I checked you have not properly filed any of this with Yulai, making all of this a bit suspect.


Your illegally anchored structure was within d-scan range of a wormhole which gives me full authority under IUS Lex to police the immediate area. Conflicting local Yulai laws are superseded by the ultimate authority I wield under IUS LEX.

You might be aware that this same authority is claimed by the Triglavian dirtbags who enforce their local laws for wormhole connections to their sovereign space. I’m sure we can both come to agree on the legitimacy of this overlap of authority when it comes to wormhole connections.

Local Yulai authorities had every opportunity to respond during the cleanup operation. The lack of response shows the respect they had for The Wormhole Police’s litter cleanup efforts and the total lack of respect they have for dirtbag litterbugs like you.

Your roadside lawyering comes too little too late. Had you responded to the initial Citation instead of ignoring it you would have had the opportunity to schedule a public hearing in front of Judge @Grinning_Idiot . But, As I’ve explained you’ve been judged and a fine levied.

Your continued refusal to pay your littering fine is noted.


Show me the statute that says that anchoring assets in a combat zone is illegal if in range of an identifiable topological defect.

Dismissing Yulai as “local laws” shows a gross misunderstanding of the powers that govern our cluster. Yulai and their law govern all immortal activity for better or worse.

The occurrence didn’t even happen in Yulai, all you are showing is your lack of understanding of the laws your purport to enforce and gross negligence in your duty as an authority to act under the large legal structures in place. You come off as nothing more than a renegade vigilante using the trappings of legality to perform objectively questionable if not criminal acts.

You were in fact interfering with very important operations during the Triglavian invasion that could have jeopardized the fate of the star itself with your recklessness. I do hope you take this opportunity to reflect and better work to be a function of the system, rather than a parasite upon it. The struggle over the very stars itself is far more important than your personal desire for the use of authorized equipment within an active conflict zone. If you see that little red triangle on your overview in that video you can clearly say this ain’t your turf friend.

As far as responding to your petition, I had much greater affairs to deal with, ones with real impact on the safety and future of the cluster, not playing games with power-tripping immortals with delusions of grandeur.

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