ACTIVATIONS is PVP focused. We live in a high class wormhole with a static C3.


We offer:

  • PVP content in wormholes, lowsec and nullsec
  • Small to medium sized fleets
  • Organized ship doctrines
  • Lucrative opportunities to make ISK
  • Discord, Pathfinder
  • SRP and fleet provided ships (applies to select roles and ships)
  • Scheduled PVP fleet ops (every Friday night)
  • Practice sessions on EVE Singularity test server
  • Knowledge and support from experienced pilots (7+ years)
  • US/AU TZ

We are interested in:

  • New and experienced pilots
  • Partnerships with PVP focused corporations (small corps preferred)
  • Active pilots who:
    • Crave PVP
    • Enjoy scanning wormholes
    • Are patient
    • Want to / Can fly: Triglavian and Sisters of EVE ships
    • Have an interest to FC fleet ops
  • Logistic pilots (All logistic ships are provided at no cost during fleet ops)

Additional details:

  • Apply with your main character
  • Be:
    • Active (at least twice per week)
    • Self-sufficient (fund your own ships)
    • Respectful

Join our public in-game channel “WH PVP” or chat with us on Discord

Activations wants to welcome new and old pilots looking to join a fun fleet tonight, Friday October 30th 2020 00:30-04:00 eve time.


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Thank you to all pilots who joined us for our Friday night wormhole PVP fleet-up!
We look forward to flying with you again next week!

Chat with us on Discord.
[★] Chat with us in game at “WH PVP”

Recruitment is still open. We are especially interested in logistics pilots.
Message me for details on how you can get FREE SHIPS!

Recruitment is open again and we are looking for a few more pilots!

Hey, your discord link need to be updated, and i would like to join! Im a new player and want to improve in the game!

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