ACTIVATIONS is PVP focused. We live in a high class wormhole with a static C3.


We offer:

  • PVP content in wormholes, lowsec and nullsec
  • Small to medium sized fleets
  • Organized ship doctrines
  • Lucrative opportunities to make ISK
  • Discord, Pathfinder
  • SRP and fleet provided ships (applies to select roles and ships)
  • Scheduled PVP fleet ops (every Friday night)
  • Practice sessions on EVE Singularity test server
  • Knowledge and support from experienced pilots (7+ years)
  • US/AU TZ

We are interested in:

  • New and experienced pilots
  • Partnerships with PVP focused corporations (small corps preferred)
  • Active pilots who:
    • Crave PVP
    • Enjoy scanning wormholes
    • Are patient
    • Want to / Can fly: Triglavian and Sisters of EVE ships
    • Have an interest to FC fleet ops
  • Logistic pilots (All logistic ships are provided at no cost during fleet ops)

Additional details:

  • Apply with your main character
  • Be:
    • Active (at least twice per week)
    • Self-sufficient (fund your own ships)
    • Respectful

Join our public in-game channel “WH PVP” or chat with us on Discord

Activations wants to welcome new and old pilots looking to join a fun fleet tonight, Friday October 30th 2020 00:30-04:00 eve time.


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Thank you to all pilots who joined us for our Friday night wormhole PVP fleet-up!
We look forward to flying with you again next week!

Chat with us on Discord.
[★] Chat with us in game at “WH PVP”

Recruitment is still open. We are especially interested in logistics pilots.
Message me for details on how you can get FREE SHIPS!