Wormhole sales

im currently looking for a

C2 with static C3 and Highsec,

If u got one please contact me

WTB c1 with HS

WTB C6 wi C3 static


J110906 [C1] Anoik.is

Effect: None


11 Planets


[C4] no effect - P060 [C1] static, C247 [C3] static + wandering S047 [HS], N290 [LS], K329 [NS]

no player structures except customs

9 Planets - 4x Gas, 1x Lava, 1x Storm, 1xOcean, 1x Barren, 1x Ice

Looking to buy a C4. Ideally with another C3/C5 static or C4/ C3 or lower static. No effect preferably.

Buying C2 with C3 HS static.


Buying C1 with LS static.

Need decent PI.

Are you still looking for a C3 Pulsar?

C3-Pulsar with LS Static
13 Planets (7 Barren, 3 Gas, 1 Lava, 2 Storm)
1 Astrahus 1 Athanor
I forgot to mention that the 32 moons all have small control towers at them—but those will either be taken down or sold separately

Evemail if interrested

You can sell anything in Eve even if you don’t own it. All you need to do is convince someone to pay you for it.

I would not buy any structures Chromie is trying to sell inside that WH or you will lose them.

C3 Pulsar with LS Static
13 Planets (2Storm, 1 Lava, 3 Gas, 7 Barren)
32 Control Towers (1 at each moon)
1 Astrahus
1 Athanor
13 POCO’s
evemail in game if interrested

Tee hee

How can one sell what you don’t “own”?

We do own the citadels Pocos and Control towers lol…

But you’re trying to sell a wormhole, not the towers.

This is infact what the ad says-----not sure how you can misunderstand that—the Description of the WH is simply that a description of the location they are in :slight_smile:

WTS WH entrance, C3 pulsar with LS static. Freshly cleared of Astrahus and Athanor. Soon to be cleared of POS sticks and POCOs… :slight_smile:

13 planets (2 Storm, 1 Lava, 3 Gas, 7 Barren)

List the J number with anokis link please. give all the information.

New Holes listed!!!

Bought a hole earlier today via Ozusa, was a very fast, professional process. I definitely recommend him and will use him in future if the need arises.