Wormhole sales

Looking for a C4 - High static, Prefered Astra. Dm in game Jaimliness please!

do you mean c2 with a c4/hs static?

Yeah, i believe i did.

I’ll keep an eye out. I do have a C2 with HS/C3 statics which if you are looking for combat sites, C3 are so much better over C4.

New holes up for sale.

Found a C2 with C4/HS


WTB c2 with c3/hs

I have one. PM me in game.


C4 c2/c3 wh pi and planets dont matter or a C2 c3/hs. Will be on in the next hour and then all afternoon. Probably wont reply here but will on game

indi hole
great pi
no structures
move in ready
500 mill

WTS j154634 C3 / HS , black hole effect, small system could be fully d scanned from the star, empty only one dead stick, 500 mil, half payment before /after entrance or third party as you wish.
prefer to send ingame mail.

Another C3/HS for sale, j151405, no effect, relatively small system, only the outer planet is outside dscan from the star, no structures.

Looking for a c5 Magnetar, do you have one?

crossing more than 10 systems C5 daily, but all spammed with one astarhus, i keep searching for you…

I appreciate that tho I doubt there will be an empty one

C5 Mag will not be possible. Every single one is occupied.

Please create your own thread if you wish to sell wormholes.