Wormhole Sites AKA Krabbing

Hi, I’m trying to test how to do solo sites in wormholes, however I just jumped into the wormholes available under /moveme but found nothing only connections to Kspace. Anyone knows if its possible to krab in Sisi?

you must scan in lowsec regions to find wormholes with fresh sites…

there is often wormholes spawning in khanid lowsec region solitude,molden heath and aridia… in last few days there was like 30 wormholes total across these regions usually class 2 and class 3 plus few class 4 andrarely but did see class 5 random connections.

basically moveme wormholes are obsolete,you want test krabbing you must go to lowsec to find the wormholes with sites to test

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