Wormholes appearing at stargates

So, minor wormholes C1/C2 appearing at stargates to reduce the learning curve in how to explore the entire game and let new people enjoy the content that experienced players live in and claim some dominance over

Where are you going with this? you want Wormholes to appear somewhere where they don’t need to be scanned down. In order to make them available to new people who haven’t learnt to scan yet???

What are these ‘new people’ going to do in the Wormhole when they cant scan down any signatures?


Precisely this. Allowing entry into a wormhole without having to scan it down doesn’t help new players, it traps them.

-1. We shouldn’t encourage players to get into a wormhole unless they know how to get out first.

I’m going to say you have never been in a WH, otherwise you would not suggest people without scanning skills enter one.

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He wants to sit on the other side with an arty svipul and pop everyone.


Oh now I didn’t consider that, maybe he is on to something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There are several traps in game, including things such as ghost cans, designed to kill those who don’t think things through. Whats wrong with a few more traps? If a new player rage quits over not being able to get out of a WH in their condor they probably weren’t gonna stick around for long anyways.

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Well… not necessarily :wink:

To be fair im not sure why wormholes wouldnt already spawn anywhere?

Other than jita because its jita and no one wants spammers coming into their wh…

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