Make non-high-sec more accessable with wormholes

A major issue that stops newer players from going to unsafe space are bad experiences with gatecamps. Those gatecamps stop people from moving out of high-sec.

More seasoned players would use statistics or specialised ships or scan down wormholes in an effort to avoid them. Newer players simply do not have the experience to live far beyond hi-sec. So how can we get them in the outskirts of space.

I think the already existing wormholes are perfect for this. Maybe with some tweaks that make collapsing more predictable.

All that should be changed is showing wormholes in everyone’s overview, so everyone can use them.

This would allow people to travel around more freely in space. The benefits seem large and many.

  • It would be easier to move resources to set up a new ‘home’ for players.
  • Players can more easily access parts of space they normally cannot get to. Allowing them to experience and actually do something outside hi-sec for longer than a minute. And maybe they’ll even come back.

Think of getting past the gate as a minimum skill level.

Without that skill there is really no point in going further.


The vastly different world that is high sec and it’s unique set of rules is what stops players from entering dangerous space.

If you want more space coverage high sec needs to be changed to work more like low sec.

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This would break WH gameplay and lifestyle completely… Scanning down WH’s is part of the game, and not really that hard.


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Can you elaborate? Why is scanning down Wormholes such a big deal for you? Would it result in too much competition / visitors to wormholes?

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Why remove an entire part of the game?
WH’s would just become other systems, there would be no challenge in finding WH’s.
WH’s are supposed to be challenge and a mystery, you need to make fitting sacrifices to fit the probe launcher… there needs to be some challenge in getting in or out…
Removing all of that gameplay because people cannot dodge a gatecamp is ridiculous

You do know what would happen to those risk adverse people who cannot avoid gatecamps when they go into a WH system? It’d be the same result…

No many players are just not prepared to die and lose ships emotionally.

You have to have that me and my ship are disposable attitude and budget :skull_and_crossbones:

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I think that would make life hard for newer players. I personally see high-sec as a place where you can prepare to go to low/null/wh-space. If new players cannot explore a little beyond the area they are familiar with without the risks often present in the first systems after hi-sec space. They won’t try it again, leaving them stuck in hi-sec. By giving them multiple backdoors ( with wormholes ) players can become more comfortable in dangerous areas, and maybe learn to live there / go back more often.

Making it more like low-sec would not work. It would only scare new players away at an early stage.

They should do the exact opposite and change all sigs back to “needsto be scanned down”

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If you want to explore in wormholes or do anything else you would still have to scan down signatures. And the gameplay inside a wormhole wouldn’t be so different, except more traffic coming through. The mystery of wormholes seems to remain intact, since you won’t know where the Wormhole actually leads exactly.

And yes players passing through wormholes could be shot too. But the risk is diminished since there are more exits out of hi-sec space. And as you are probably aware null is in general considered more safe because other players cannot get there easily ( unless they live there ).

I think an argument could be made for making all signatures need to scan. But I can’t really come up with one for wormholes ( except that people might feel like they should spend a lot of time trying to find them ).

There is a reason for that attitude. If new players dip their toes in low-sec and their experience there is that they get shot down fairly consistently of course they will not come back. It isn’t profitable to do so and their wallets are probably small.

Wormhole travel will not eliminate that. But it will likely give players more time / joy to experience non-hi-sec. And just maybe they will try again.

Not everyone is a victim by default and you pretending they are makes you a bad person.

I don’t mind the idea of making hi->low wh’s more common and more visible, but you don’t want to make them instantly visible to everyone, cause you’re going to find that campers will also see them and set-up on the other side.

Point of order, it’s safer yes, but only because when you roam an established group’s space they’ll hit you in the face with a giant sack of dicks. No Fun Fleets are the best way to discourage roaming of your space, which in turn gives you more capacity to krab.

If you roam them, and all they do is blob you with a super fleet, you won’t be so inclined to go back.

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