Wormholes: Is something missing?

(The Voice) #21

If your with a small gang you really think a solo player is going to do anything? You got people safelogging in Null to

(Noragen Neirfallas) #22

In wh space you can often live in your chosen system assuming it was empty to begin with for years without worry of evictions. In nullsec unless you bent the knee you probably won’t take space with a small group

(Revolving September) #23

Thank you very much from everyone! Was not expecting much from the thread, but the conversation has been rolling, no pun intended…

But, I do want to point something out and I think reading everything over, I should have led with from an industrailists point of view. I have put a Rorqual out many times, and am happy to be able to post it out in a moon belt and mine, but I hope someone is on board with the realization that I am in a Rorqual and when I mine out one silly rock in that “belt” it becomes a loss of money and useless (to a degree) to have “Excavator” drones out when rocks are 10-20km + out. It would feel better if moon mining could spawn randomly when it explodes and the fact that the rocks are not that big. PAUSE: They are not that big because the cycle time we have is short, about a week’s worth we have is spread between 24 hour cycles from our Athanors. But still, I’d like to be able to place my Rorqual on a moon belt and mine a bit more than a few rocks at most, most often being the case of the BM’d rock and a the one next to it. Thankfully I have miners that I use in adjacent to the rorqual, but it feels pointless at times. So that is a issue I have. The other issue I have is why the heck does Null-sec have moon goo that’s from R4-64?

Personally, I wish I could mine the 64 moon goo, build my ■■■■ I need to build but no I would have to be forced to live in Null-sec for that to happen, and remind you. I have lived in nullsec for 90% or 7 out of the 8 years that I have been playing this game.

Now, let’s circle back for a moment and realize what safety means in terms of all this. For null-sec I have a local, I feel safer and yes I can be dropped, but I can counter that with a Jammer.

I can roll my WH and mine in peace, this is great, but if I can mine in peace during downtime in Null and get access to the moon ORE that I really need to build, then industrialists would be best suited to be ONLY living in null no? I have reactions I sit on in my J space home and they have collected dust, and I don’t think dust, is the key ingredient in formulating the proper reaction.

So, if no local and potential inside campers are the thing for WH space, and null is just campers you can’t see, then why is it that WH space has lesser than Null-sec? Should it not be the opposite?

Also, I don’t need intel to be added to the game, I enjoy the element of surprise, but for the risk and reward of things, WH space is like HS space, relic sites don’t pan out too good, and the ones you want to run are horded by the NPC’s. Which, from my browsing of the internet has led me to the conclusion that a non faction relic and data site yield 10x+ more EHP than a regular anomaly in the given J-space. So, why not just live in Null-sec where you can farm isk to wallet ratio’s beyond the hearts content? On that note even, ISK TO WALLET. WH is mine and collect and haul out. Collect blue loot and haul out and hope you don’t get ganked on the way.

Null-sec is just ease of use and personally I’ve enjoyed it, but when we begin talking about how PLEX is involved and how I’d rather pay in game ISK than out of pocket USD, well then something, common sense wise does not add up, IE equality.

Thanks again and this is really from an industrialist point of view with some exploration (as it is a must) side of things.

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No, but that solo player can scan a new k162 that pops and bring guys in to log off after the locals ratting log. Log offs in NS still hit local 15-20 seconds before they land where they last logged from. That’s plenty of time for many ships to warp even if they logged off on grid.

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Granted you are not in a Rorqual that is in “siege”

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Just stating that industry, I don’t care if I die, that’s not the issue, but knowing that mining could use a revamp in WH space or something.

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Disregard my post, I noted your replying to another commenter.

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Wormholes were never supposed to be populated by players leave alone industrialists. That’s why all their ISK potential goes from sparse and sporadic anomalies and not from something reliable like mining or combat anomalies of Null.

(GoPackGo Aurilen) #29

The risk/ reward is still very unbalanced. Why would I risk an almost 2 billion tinker snake? When I can make notes ISK running ded 6/10’s in the comfort of local in a cloaky nullified ship.emphasized text

(Lulu Lunette) #30

I don’t think you got the right idea. Wormholes are all the benefits of null but for the solo player. I loved basing out of my C1. I did PI everyday and every site I could find. We had some miners but all that did was attract bigger angrier fish lol. If you wanna mine, null will be better for you.

Null is null and each kind of space has it’s own rules and limitations. I loved living in null too but I ended up not finding playing well with others being an issue. Why we always gotta judge everyone else’s spaces? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If the problem is having new people trying out living in Wormholes rather than joining Null blobs, I’d think that looking at changing Null is the better path than nullify WH’s.

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No idea. Is something missing?