Worried about New players experience

Just minimize “local” works a treat for me each time.

Newbro here, I have received plenty of warning from my default corps before making my way to Jita, so I’m gonna vote “no” on that.

I basically treat it like a Walmart: only go if there’s something I need that I can’t reasonably buy elsewhere, go in and out as quickly as possible, and ignore all the random fuckery and lunatics that roam this place.

So far, I’ve done well with that approach, and my sanity is still intact, as far as I can tell.

Jita or any other trade hub, and Yulai before that, always existed in the game. According to OP’s logic EVE can’t have any players because all players uninstalled because they read trade hub local.

Here’s the deal for New Players; they create their character and avatar and then log-in directly to the NPE and the Tutorial, which when they finish directs them to very nearby Career Agents and Aura encourages them to complete the Career Agents.

They’re not directed to head to Jita “immediately” or anytime “soon.” If they go there “right away” then that’s from community “encouragement”, in other words, players in Help channels and other outside information sources.

By design, new players are not plopped into Jita Local nor directed there. This is a non-issue. If a new player does decide to forego the NPE and head straight to Jita, they get that experience. I would suggest then they’re not actually a new player.

If you haven’t done so and are curious, create a new character and run the NPE. It’s much improved over the years and the instructions and direction new pilots are given is actually quite good. If they choose to ignore it, then they’re most likely going to quit anyway, since EVE is very intensive on getting and absorbing information.

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That’s not fair, most MMOs have some sort of trade hub, and people generally get that.
What is more likely to keep newer players from sticking around is the ambiguity of what you should/shouldn’t shoot. In “safe space”, and the resultant ship loss in under 2 seconds.

You have the right attitude. Also exploration was my first career, and by far the most lucrative activity I know how to do, even today. I made more money with drugs back in 2015 but now they’re legal, and there’s really no thrill in it.

If I ended up in Jita on day one, I would have logged out in disgust. If I wanted an online cesspit I’d visit Twitter.

You put your nose in the trashcan of New Eden and you were disturbed by the stench:

-1 don’t open it, don’t read it… you don’t need that to do whatever you need to do
-2 you are new? don’t go to Jita, it will swallow you and spit back in the gutter
-3 this mild inconvenience bother you? uninstall, you are not fit for New Eden

The bad things are red

Shoot them

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