Would a bot that runs Blackjack or Poker in a chat channel be legal?

I assume that botting to make ISK or otherwise play the game is not legal but what if someone ran blackjack or poker in a chat channel. I say this because I think that running blackjack or poker in-game would be pretty cool, particularly if we could gamble ISK, but I don’t see CCP putting something like this in… unless maybe if someone else implemented it and it was popular. But would that be against the rules?

Specifically I imagine there’d just be a channel called “Blackjack”, you join it and a bot runs blackjack games through text.

Edit: Apparently gambling is against the EULA but would it be legal if people weren’t using ISK? Just for fun.

The best place to clarify rules would be via a support ticket → https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to the GM team.

That said → EVE Online - Terms of Service - EVE Community

EVE Online - Terms of Service

As an EVE Online subscriber, you must observe and abide by the rules of conduct and policies outlined below, as well as the End User License Agreement. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in the immediate termination of your account and you will forfeit all unused access time to the game. No refunds will be given.

  1. You will not attempt to decipher, hack into or interfere with any transmissions to or from the EVE Online servers, nor will you try to create or use any third party add-ons, extras or tools for the game.
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Also eve is rated PEGI-12 (PG-13) so 13 and up is able to play EVE. So yea no gambling or anything like it

you can always hang out with your corp mates on a site that’s dedicated to that sort of thing.



not illegal to spam chat, but please no


still no



Seriously man, if you can’t enjoy a computer game without trying to stick gambling like ‘Blackjack or poker’ into it, then you really should start to think about the fact that you have a gambling problem.

It might be time to get some help.


Feel free to waste as much ISK as you want on the Hypernet. That’s as close to gambling as you’re going to get in EVE.

And also, get some help…


I sould know i have asked for it

CCP shut down all the various sorts of isk gambling in Eve (which was quite popular) but then after a bit made the hypernet exchange…which is…isk gambling. Of course, CCP sells the needed hypernet cores for irl money…so…

This idea is better than the FPS idea that keeps getting attention.

Do it on your own discord server not on Eve.


Except, you know. Hypernet Relay.

That’s a thing. But… uh… technically not gambling except that it is. But we don’t talk about that.


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