Would you encourage your child to play with hypercores and mutaplazmids?

A simple question for the general population.

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Eve is for those 12 and over, so CCP is hoping the answer is yes.


There’s a lot of reasons you might take a second look at allowing minors to play this game. The majority of interactions in this game are with other people. Have you interacted with other people in New Eden?

Although I think this HyperFail is a big cash grab i’m pretty sure the moral and ethical boat on most of New Eden happenings has sailed.


No. But neither would I encourage them to buy lottery tickets - which some consider games of chance and others consider a tax on those who are bad at math.

Unlike most lotteries, Hypercores represent a “fair” game. You know (and presumably agree) with the value the vendor has attached to the product and that amount divided by the number of tickets is what you pay for a chance to win.

If you’re opposed to lotteries (or other games of chance) you don’t have to play.

From CCP’s perspective these provide a sink for PLEX (purchasing the Hypercores) and a sink for ISK (transaction tax) without imposing any burden on those who chose not to participate - it doesn’t get much better than that.


When it comes to the law in most countries, regarding children and gambling in games, this is not a factor. The presence of gambling mechanics alone is enough to create legal headaches for CCP; Especially in places like the EU who prosecute the slightest hint of such very hard. The burden in those cases would be on the developer to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their product is not sold to minors, which can be hard in court even if they do the little ‘are you over x age’ checkbox.

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If my child was old enough and sophisticated enough to play EVE in any meaningful fashion, then that child would have the capacity to engage with and learn from risk-taking-for-potential-profit behaviour.

It’s pretty much exactly the same thing as suicide ganking after scanning a ship and hoping for a drop that pays for the gank. Just packaged differently.

That’s a general behaviour pattern that people all over the world have to learn to deal with one way or another, in thousands of different guises. Only a few of which people with SJW triggers identify as ‘gambling’. I’d certainly rather my kid learn something about it on EVE than at a poker table with real money or in a stupid college dare that’ll get him expelled/injured/killed.

People need to stop freaking out over trigger words and mild issues. If you’re playing EVE, you’re either capable of making an informed choice, or you’re already doing something you shouldn’t be doing. (Or you’re a kid undocking for a little pew-pew and unlikely to ever interact with mutaplasmids or hypercores anyway.)


Soo, your answer is yes?

My answer is no, I never liked the idea of MT’s entering Eve and bypassing the player market, didn’t like the Mutaplasmid RNG aspect CCP implemented and I definitely don’t like this SkyNet / HyperNet crap.


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Technically, my answer is no. Just not necessarily in the way the OP meant it.

I wouldn’t encourage my child to play EVE. If my child chose to play EVE anyway, I certainly wouldn’t encourage them to make use of hypercores and mutaplasmids. Nor would I disallow or discourage it. As said, if they were advanced enough to play EVE in any meaningful fashion then it would be time for them to make their own choices on those issues.

The OP is a thinly disguised “think of the children” topic. God knows why so many people envision kids playing EVE with its’ scams, toxicity, griefing and exploitive behaviours. I’m pretty sure CCP’s age breakdowns show less than 5% of players below the age of 18.


You’re probably right. A fellow worker I know, he’s about 24, heard me mention I play Eve and he told me right off the bat that he’s heard all kinds of horror stories about it. He also mentioned that he heard the general age group was well above 30, more like 40 / 50.

I tried to get him to try Eve out on the buddy invite but he said he’s into FPS type games. Too bad CCP didn’t implement DUST514 on PC with it being accessed through ‘The Door’ in Captains Quarters, we could have got a lot of those player types here and even possibly got them to also fly spaceships.


Were I live it is illegal for people under the age of 18 to gamble. EVE is played by many people here. How does CCP promote CCP developed gambling within its game and ensure players under 18 do not have access to it?



OP and friends are all resorting to an emotional appeal about “think of the childrens!” instead of actually realizing that this is fine. They’ve committed to a knee jerk reaction about gambling and now are looking for any and all arguments (even really bad ones) to dig into their position even more.

They’re beyond saving today, but in about 6 months from now, they’ll all be playing along and participating more than anyone else in the Hypernet Relay.


To be honest, parts of EVE culture are so toxic and parts of its themes so dark I’m uncomfortable with the idea that I might be flying with 12-yos anyway.

The latest blatant gambling does not help, but if I had the power the whole deal would already be PEGI-16 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Flagged OP as spam.

What kind of question is this? Why are you asking? Are you assuming anyone here is that stupid? Why the hell do you need to ask such a stupid question? How is it not obvious that people will say “no”, because every other answer is STUPID?


In fact, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may Bob have mercy on your soul when The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell In A Cell, where Epstein didn’t kill himself, plummeting 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

Edit: Five Likes, but also getting flagged. That’s really interesting. I must note that this thread is a bashing-CCP-thread in the most stupid way executed. No one of sane mind is going to encourage his child to play with this. It’s a “think of the children” type of REEEEing, trying to get people to react in an outraged way to cause meta drama. Hence this post. OP should be banned for being a major asshole. Not just an asshole. A major one. Definitely not someone I’d want to be friends with. While I do agree that he has a point, in the end he should have had that point years ago when this whole thing started. It’s not a CCP problem, it’s an industry-wide problem.

The ISD reading this is asked to consider his decision based on the above note.


The real issue is not if it’s ethical or not, it’s the time it took to develop this nonsense while there are way WAY more pressing issues that would require dev time to fix.


You got kids playing eve they will be exposed to much worse than gambling. Gambling is more of a financial concern for anyone rather than a moral or ethical issue compared to a lot of the toxic social interactions players will have with one another in this game.

Addiction? The game is an addiction in many ways just as bad as gambling and equally as bad for your wallet/credit card concerns (both personally and as parents).

If you can’t teach your kids to be aware of problems and make responsible decisions for themselves you won’t be able to protect them from everything by yourself anyways. Otherwise they probably shouldn’t be allowed to play a game like Eve online.

Not all for gambling myself but it really isn’t that much worse than how the game operates as is anyways.

In a game where stealing, killing, scamming, is legal. Where you boost with drugs, smuggle tainted dolls, and rescue exotic dancers from pleasure hubs I don’t see an issue with a lolraffle system.

If my kid is mature enough to where I would let them play EVE with all of its other “dark” aspects then them partaking in a raffle is not an issue. Hell there are raffles for things in elementary schools and churches so how could they be so terrible in EVE.


The difference is that a once-a-year school raffle puts a clear limit on how much you can gamble. An average person just isn’t going to encounter enough of these charity raffles to get into trouble. Contrast this with on-demand gambling being made available to children who don’t have adult levels of impulse control or financial understanding. That’s a much bigger addiction risk and you’d better make damn sure they don’t have access to any kind of credit card or non-trivial amount in a debit account.

Look at FFXIV with gold saucer (an actual casino in game), wonderous tales, triple triad, jumbo cactpot lottery, etc. That game has tons of gambling elements. No one complains one bit lol but in Eve’s dark universe somehow a raffle is bad lol.

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Don’t be so sure of that. Maybe nobody complains because all of the people who object to F2P cash shop garbage have already left the game, leaving only the whales and addicts.

And, again, it has nothing to do with EVE being a “dark universe” or not. This is about the real-world effects of gambling addiction on players, not about the fictional setting of EVE.