Would you gank someone?

Except, according to some here, what you do in a fictional videogame setting is the exact same thing you would do in real life.

And even having thoughts of blowing up pixilated spaceships in this game is proof that you’re some sort of irrevocable deviant void of all morals and empathy and a hopeless loss cause to the just and right minded citizens of said real life governments.

Some people here would argue how you behave in a fictional video game is exactly the same way you behave in real life.

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I would never gank someone.

But I can’t speak for my alts…

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Where did they ever get to not ‘expect’ any such thing in a PvP multiplayer game ? Nowhere is there any material or content that says people are safe in highsec. On the contrary, there’s hundreds of videos and commentaries referencing highsec ganking…and in fact one of CCPs own adverts for the game mentions it.

She is quite clear.

Nothing personal , but


With uneducated regards
-James Fuchs

What do you think?

With pondering regards
-James Fuchs

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I think the ratio is lower as your own poll shows so far :slight_smile:

As of 2023-09-08T07:59:00Z it is 64% in favor of ganking.

While I don’t feel the urge to gank or even NBSI (except in revenge for the same :wink: ), I think the sense of being constantly in danger after undock or warp-in is a healthy thing in New Eden that helps to learn to survive :slight_smile:

If you start seeing gankers as rats it all suddenly makes sense :slight_smile:

If only CCP changed engagement mechanics and abolished suspect/criminal timers and left negative security as a sole reason to legally shoot the bananas in low/high :thinking:

I am banana myself :slight_smile:
(not for ganking or ninja - I shot the POCO once)

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Ganking is kinda dumb. Gankers like to think of themselves as pirates, but they just do it the easy way.

CCP should just make all highsec into lowsec. Then we could find out who the real pirates are, and who’s just lazy.


I second this, and then make the new Jove space the new high sec where no weapons are allowed. Lets go

I think it’s the same a saying “9 out of 10 dentists approve”.

I agree, but make it all Nullsec.

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Someone got it.

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Eh, nullsec makes people turtle up and be risk-terrified. Don’t gotta worry about bubbles in lowsec, and that’s why it’s objectively better than null.

What people do only reflects on them, not on the the environment they’re in. Players turtling up is the result of the game wanting to be everything for everybody and that usually ends up being a half-empty glass for everyone.
Just having PvP and PvE in the same game causes problems for the community. Maybe, as I read elsewhere, it’s part of a social experiment but if it is, it’s a bad experiment and the results are nebulous as best.

Not arguing where is better, just stating my preference as far as the game in general. I would much rather have Nosec than divide the game in different zones with different mechanics. It makes no sense to me.

I think my statistics class would like to have a word with you OP. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

All that blobbing is in fact ganking too… so 99 out of 100 like ganking

Sounds like a made up number to me.

Got a decent poll to link?

–Curious Gadget

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I think…most of the posts about ganking in the forums are invariably by people who have never done ganking and/or never been ganked.

Which says all one needs to know.


Dumb to gank a freighter with billions in cargo? No no sweetie, it is dumb not to.

Ganking is a tool come about by things like war immunity.

It’s how you use any tool that governs if it’s good or bad.

And people know their motives when using it