Would you gank someone?

Like NEPF eh?

Ganking? No. I see allure in PvP, only rather in fleet battles in null. That was first thing I have seen about EVE, in some trailer where big fleets clashed, and that is what I wanted to do in beginning, but the game is so complicated and multifactored I had to get experience first to feel somewhat confident, to know what I am actually doing and why, getting some skills.

Also at the end they are doomsdaying a PLANET, sad that never became a viable thing to do strategically in game. :thinking:

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Can you explain how a fleet battle in null is ok, but a fleet battle in Highsec is not? Not really sure why you pretend there is a difference, other than the fact that it’s harder to attack someone in HIghsec, which means the defender is less victimized (as they gain powerful buffs and bonuses like CONCORD and faction police and gate guns). The most fair PvP fight in Eve is a Highsec gank, as the person being ganked has overwhelming advantage, and the ganker plays with a significant handicap.


Wrong trailer, but I appreciated the atmosphere!

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-James Fuchs

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Hey James, just in case you haven’t seen it, check out this ORIGINAL EVE ONLINE TRAILER:

@CCP_Hellmar This is the game I want to play. @CCP_Aurora

WOAH! :astonished:

I’m ready when you are.

Praise James! \o/


I am. :sunglasses:

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The most fairest PvP fight in Highsec history is a dual!

We could teach you, but we would have to charge!

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting . If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

Besides, she has nothing to prove as has already won EVE.

One day she will lay down her glove and I will reach out to pick that up to accept the duel.

Highsec fleet battles can be just as fun. In fact the only real difference in highsec is that random people cannot join in without being Concorded.

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Isn’t most HS fleet battles just focused on station bashing?

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Yes, but the real fight comes if the station is defended. Which can range all the way from a solitary gunner in the station…right up to 500 to 1000 people in the system as with the Finanar battle and the recent battle in Elonaya. Today I had a nullsec station bash in one of my alts…lost my ship but got killboard kills for 5. I have various chars with killboards now springing into life…which is good.

Killboard whoring FTW

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And again

Sure. Some argue whether killboard matters. I’d argue its the only thing that matters.

Whoring on a CONCORD kills is the most meaningless activity in whole game. It also shows what kind of player you are, most peoples whoring on gankers are so bad that this is the only way they can actually “get a kill”. And for some reason they want that kill so badly despite that 99% of EVE players will them see them as nothing, but cheap whores.

They are not accomplishing anything, the ship is gonna be destroyed no matter what. That’s not even an antiganking to pretarget a tornado and spam F1 every second. Thats just cheap whoring.

Some of them even seem to compete in a special discipline called “who whores with the lowest dmg, uncommon gun, or uncommong ship” like the guy in Amarr who is whoring with Bowhead :smiley: . That guy is a king of whorers for sure. Or queen of whores?


I agree on that. What matters to me is not just ‘being’ on the kill in terms of getting listed but also how far up that list I am. I take some pride in moving closer and closer to the ‘top damage’ spot as time goes by. I’m already pretty close in some fittings. On the other hand…no way could I ever be happy just getting ‘0’ ( which is where the damage is so low it cant even be worked out ) from firing 1 shot at the end of a Concord kill. In fact I’d amend killboard so it does not include people if damage is under 0.1% or something. Though I’d allow the record if the person was doing logistics ( where often it is just their drones firing at a station ) as at least that is not jumping in on someone else’s kill.

1x scout is worth 200x F1 monkeys


Thats a game mechanic, game records it, zkill only inherits that.

But for sure zkill could invent a special tag “whore” just like they invented a “padding”. And show it on such kills. Of course it is not that simple, not every kill with CONCORD is a whoring though…