Would you gank someone?

That scout is gonna have to type 200 times faster to randomly generate a line of Shakespeare.

It is easy to do such things when you are ship spinning and have no responsibility. Meanwhile, the scouts are doing the hard part to find the content. Just so the F1 monkeys in fleet can pad their killboards and feel good about themselves.

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Then months later, they can boast, “I was there!”


Admiting to being an F1 monkey, sad really.

I did the null sec thing for a month. It was the most boring thing I’ve done in this game so far. Sitting there, for hours waiting for people to get their acts together, just to sit at a gate for hours, with absolutely nothing to do but listening to a mouth-breathing FC chew on cheetos and gulp soda.

I was like, this is the lest productive activity ever. At least with mining, you’re still shooting something and generating a bit of isk, so it’s not a total wash.


:rofl: Thanks for the laughs.
Is that Nullsec? In that case I prefer to take my chances in Low.

Well, Null sec alliance fleet blobbing.

Now I occasionally yeet into null sec solo to rob the ESS’s

They don’t like that very much.


I like that a lot. That’s another thing to add on my to-do list.

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Give them what they want, engage them with the @Ax_l_Thorne one girl homicidal blob of doom.

Sure as hell beats doing battle with MTUs.

No, it doesn’t.

At least with hunting MTU’s you’re doing something instead of siting there for hours on end waiting for someone to tell you when to press F1

I would rank an MTU hunter above someone who merely joins a fleet, flies the assigned doctrine ship, and gets warped to the assigned target.


All this time I had thought that you didn’t check my zkillboard

It makes me so happy that you noticed that MTU this weekend!

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Hours on end ? Sheesh, you’ve obviously never been in a fleet. Stuff fires back occasionally too.

And you’ve never shot at an MTU. Your point?

Be sure to inform Princess that we can continue whatever this is on the Planet Vanguard!

Altara, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll never impress anyone until you break out of the noobcorp and actually play the game.

Meh. Altara is now just one of 12 chars and not even the most active.