Wrongful & insolvent trading

Here at A…G Dodixe chambers you will find professional legal spaceship advice to protect your own & your corporations intrests in regards to all trading matters.

Are you having difficulty with the refund of alliance issued war bonds?

Is your corporation struggling to meet weekly SRP commitments?

Are your alliance leaders constantly moving goal posts?

Is your leadership tasking you ever unachievable objectives & financial quota?

Does your corporation have outstanding liability that are no longer being accounted for?

Is regular back door or off the books dealing over structures or super capitals occuring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you maybe involved in the wrongful or insolvent trading of a space corporation.

Here at A…G we have fairly priced solutions to all the above matters.

Your alliance may have fallen but you & your corporations need not.

PM me in client today to learn more,

Shea, internet space barrister.

I read the whole post.


Maybe also post this in the correct section of the forums?


You guys do know that this is a war bait post right?

Yes I would like to sell Goonswarm please

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Do you do entanglements with ISDs?

Never have, but I do manage ban appeals & strongly advise anyone who has been banned to contact me prior to entering a support ticket with CCP.

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