WTA Amarrian Explorer 8.8m SP

Character information here EveSkillboard - Alexander Kayl

All CCP Rules apply

  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Deepari
  • Yearly remap + 2 bonus
  • Genolution implants
  • No jumpclones
  • I pay transfer fee

Start the bidding at: 3B
Buyout: 6.5B

4,25 bil offer

4.3Bill offer

4.5 bil offer

Buyout is set at 6.5B
Auction will be finalised 12 hrs from this post and current highest bidder will win the auction unless B/O is offered.

o7 fly free

4,6 bil offer

12 hrs have passed. You have the highest bid

If still interested, transfer ISK and account info and I´ll start transfer right away.

Thank you.

Isk sent and account information transfered by eve mail.

ISK recieved. Transfer initiated.

Fly Free o7

Thank you.

Fly safe o7

I received the char into my account.

Ty for the transaction.

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