[WTA] Drone BPO Collection 10/20

Pack of all T1 combat drone blueprints (Originals, researched ME10 TE20).
All races, all sizes:

  • Light: Acolyte, Hornet, Hobgoblin, Warrior
  • Medium: Infiltrator, Vespa, Hammerhead, Valkyrie
  • Heavy: Praetor, Wasp, Ogre, Berserker
  • Sentry: Curator, Warden, Garde, Bouncer

Starting Bid: 100 Mio. ISK.
Buyout: 125 Mio. ISK.
(NPC price - unresearched - for all is 86,9 Mio. ISK.)

Auction is public in Jita.

Bought, thanks

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