WTA/WTS 58.1m SP char - Capital pilot

Edit: The char has 58.1m SP now, after finisching Gallente Cruiser V. Originally it was 57.5m in the post.

Name: Melany Mely

Password: 123789

  • 58.1m skillpoints
  • Born: August 2013
  • Positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • Positive Sec-status
  • Located in high-sec (Sarum Prime III - Moon 2 - Imperial Academy)

Can fly:

EDIT: Ready for Heavy Assault Cruisers and Jump Freighters in a few hours. Just inject the missing skills …

  • Carriers (Caldari, Amarr)
  • Supercarriers (Caldari, Amarr)
  • Dreadnought (Minmatar)
  • Force Auxiliary (Caldari, Amarr)
  • Freighter (Caldari)
  • Logistics (All)
  • Combat Recon Ships (All)
  • Force Recon Ships (All)
  • Strategic Cruisers (All)
  • Interceptors (Caldari, Gallente)
  • Stealth Bombers (Caldari, Gallente)
  • Assault Frigs (Caldari, Gallente)
  • Covert Ops (Caldari, Gallente)
  • Electronic Attack Ships (Caldari, Gallente)
    … and some regular stuff :smiley:

Edit: DONE !!! (–> Gallente Cruiser V will be done on 2 January.)


  • 2 x +5
  • 2 x +4
  • 1 x +3

CCP rules for this sale/auction apply.

ISK to this char please.

Starting bid: 45b
Buyout: 62b
Reserve: hidden

Sale/auction ends January 4th, 22:00 eve time or when buyout is met.

Enjoy :smiley:

45 bil

46 bill



Reserve not met yet.

Go on bidding :smiley: Once the reserve is met, I will reveal it.

Auction is still ongoing …

And it is still on the run.
Consider the capital skills in my head :sunglasses:

49.5B offer

2 more days … go on bidding guys :hugs:

50b offer

51 bil if u transfer with card


52 bil, the same condition

Reserve is met. Auction ends tomorrow evening 22:00 eve time.

Last chance to win a great char.

This auction/sale ends today, in a few hours, at 22:00 eve time.

The char-transfer will be initiated directly after I received the ISK.

The winner is Prometheu, gz :smiley:

Please send the ISK and the account name for the transfer per ingame mail. Thx.

Thank you, isk and account name sent. :slight_smile:

Thx. ISK received. Initiating the transfer now. Have fun !!!