[WTB] Burner Account

I want account with

  • Positif faction standing with SOE/Gallente/Minmatar
  • Mastery 3 or 4 with Daredevil/Garmur/Nergal/Ikitursa/Leshak/Deimos/Machariel/Vigilant and Dramiel
  • High-grade Asklepian clone can be bonus
  • Good social, navigation, engineering, armor skill

I can pay until 100B

got almost perfect infrastructure as you wanted…
main clone with +5s and %6s got another jump clone with HG Snake…
got good standings with whole empire…
additionally can use vargur and soon cronos… workin on armor tanking mastery 5 atm.

He can’t fly : Garmur, Nergal, Ikitursa, Leshak, Deimos

mastery 3 with any frigate takes 3 injections at max…

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