[WTB]I will be out of 4b and buy an 8m sp figure

I will be out of 4b and buy an 8m sp figure

Any kind

Current positive balance is ISK 36 million and location is Perimeter 1 Jump from Jita 5.3 billion is okay for me. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Baltek_X

I’m not familiar with the transfer procedure but maybe you can help.



I did not know that this will cost me 20€, there is no other possibility ? e.g. to share the fee ?

Sorry, the seller must pay, please consider, I can buy now

I was not aware that there are real money costs for me,
would it be ok to keep your offer of 5,5 Billion ?


if i understand the process correctly
so I should get the ISK from you first
next I need to know your account name where to transfer it.
Then I initiate the transfer and it takes 10 hours.

Yes it is like this

So are you sure to sell now?

Yes, for 5,5 Bilion and i have to pay the Fee its Ok

Ok, wait a moment

Please wait a moment, I will reply to you tomorrow

it seems you’re not quite sure :slight_smile: , but OK as long as you’re not outbid

I only have plex now, I am in exchange for isk

When I sell the plex, I will have an ISK

Now I can pay 5.5bil

strong text

Account name:tanjungegege