WTB Locator alt

Don’t know if these are traded regularly. Would be interested in buying a char with acces to at least one L4 locator agents.

Interested in the rough cost. Char will not be used for anything else then running locators. So no need for any other skills.

Have you tried asking if anyone’s willing to sell theirs in the LocatesRUs channel?

Haven’t tried that yet. Might try to. I know the minimum injectors and tags would be at least 2bil ish. Just prefer not to spend the time so wondering what people would ask for it.

It costs 1000 plex to transfer a character, so they’d need at least that to break even

You have a suggestion on a fair price?

If I were looking for something specific like this and dont want to spend the time I would look at all the characters for sale around the 5-6 mark, clicking on the eveskillboard links and then looking at the “standings” tab keeping an eye out for anyone with lvl 5 standings with any of the locator agent corps.


If you’re lucky you might find a character that’s a PI, trading or mining alt that also has lvl 5 standings with one of them. They might not even think that the extra standings makes their character worth more to someone like you. On the other hand, maybe even be willing to pay closer to 10-15b for a good alt.

Or if you’ve got the money for it, get a 80-100bil character off the market, that fits the standing requirement, that you can extract for skill injectors and get the character for “free”. maybe even make a profit if you’re lucky.

I recommend buying an FW mission pulling alt. Most of them have 5.0+ standings with their respective faction which gives them access to all level 4 agents from all corporations of that faction. In addition, all FW agents themselves are locator agents.

You’d probably be looking 5 or 6 billion for one of these characters in it’s most basic form though.

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