Wtf is this?

I can accpet hard game if you good at everything and worth me to play, i wish it be the hardest be real. But this game just bs with code errors, Hostile flyting around high sec gate with blue harmony not attacking each other just like ‘hey man tks for coming to our empire, baiting some people to shoot you so you can scramb them web them it will be good, you are priates we are officers but we do ■■■■, we even don’t recongise you bcz some develpor don’t give us code in 16 years’

This game has so much design depertatly want to lose your ship even you are great. Just so much intentional design to want to lose i go back to original. This game is not for fun if it has good picture, geraphic, PVP design, it just ■■■■ in everywhere. And thats how it died.

It should be, i can accept no area is safe in EVE, if design like that the player will be tired by constantly risk, this is a basic game design give player home. Some place to rest, this is sosososososo fking basic design. But i don’t accept you give a HIGH SECUTRITY AREA and don’t do your code let these bs hanging around.

EVE has been this way since Day 1, for almost 20 years now, and still has tens of thousands of players. EVE is a hardcore, niche PVP game. It isn’t for everyone.

Sounds like Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, or Star Citizen might be more your style of game.

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From nerf ganking to nerf npc’s. How much more do they want?


Hisec doesnt mean safety. It means high security, ie CONCORD and police will eliminate threats to empire space.

If you attack another player in hi sec first, you WILL lose your ship to CONCORD. If you drop security status in hisec navy will come for you.

If you have bad standings with that empire, police will come for you.

Low security is similar to hisec, minus CONCORD.

Nullsec has zero security in regards to attacks against other players or hostility to an empire.

I may have navy/police mixed up.

NOWHERE in the 20 yrs EVE has been here has hisec EVER meant safe from pvp.

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That the minmitar police knew well enough to leave those ships alone should have been the clue you needed to also not shoot them. Fair enough if you met them on a belt first time that might have been different. However if you were ratting on a belt in HS you were likely prepared for frigates and should not have automatically shot at 3-4 cruisers of unknown strength.

This game does give you clues but it also favours a certain amount of meta research in the form of consulting your peers or even the eveuni wiki.

Can you figure out the game by flying around and shooting things first to see if you are supposed to? Well yes but your going to have to get used to loosing ships and I advise you to not get quite so upset about your chosen playstyles outcomes.

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All of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are misleading them there. No man’s sky has next to nothing in common with EvE beyond being set in space some of the time. (Actually one of the most shallow elements of the game)

Would be better to direct them to the X series. Most aptly X3 which has a pretty rich and evolving ai driven universe. It’s like a simulation of eve without people. I’m sure they could mod it to put in eve ship and station models too.

In real life if you attack someone first they will attack back too, just don’t shoot them simple.

It’s called diplomacy.

When did eve players get so soft and mushy. Back when I started playing games you learnt very quickly which npc’s where easy to kill and which to avoid becuase they where rough. Not everything is supposed to be easy enough that you can just shoot everything without consequences.

:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: :innocent:

oops haha thanks.



The art of solving problems by acting like you are drunk or at-least have a case of sunstroke while wearing eyeliner and a tri-corn hat.

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