Wtf is this?

baiting is not enough right now baiting 0.9 high sec? is this game need some money desperately ?

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They are called Autothysian Lancers, and they are harmless. You don’t shoot at them and they won’t shoot at you…


They are hostile in my window, so i can shoot them, They flying around 0.9 high sec, tell me the reason they here and why they can be shoot(red).
The only reason they here is for baiting people shoot them to lose ships am i right?

We’ve had Lancers roaming around high sec for as long as I can remember. Even if they were bait (which they aren’t), why are you shooting at things that you aren’t prepared to fight?


Because CCP has been running a number of story arcs over the last few years and they happen to be part of one. This is also tied into the new NPC AI and CCP replacing some of the risk that used to be there from players, with risk from NPCs instead.

There are other NPC structures and operations in highsec that are worth also not shooting at if you aren’t prepared for them being tougher than standard NPCs.


If you ever see an NPC ship with a diamond icon next to it’s name, don’t shoot at that either. It won’t end well for you…

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Lancers roaming around high sec with MINMATAR police in the same gate? Peaceful flying around? So Lancers and MINMATAR are friends right now? So why they are red?

Not prepare to fight? They have instant warp scramb, web, and flying around with Minmatar officers

You mean is not bait means you just igonre high sec hostiles? Ship in high sec should be harmless, that’s what they designed, flying around with Minmatar officers, should be harmless, and can anyone play this game long enough tell me why lancer can peaceful flying around with offciers in the same gate? is this design flaws or what? or why they in hostile in high sec baiting people to shoot them and lose thier ship?

For the most part, NPC’s don’t attack other NPC’s. For example, Gallente Faction Police will not attack Serpentis NPC ships, nor will Serpentis ships attack Gallente Police. Concord will also not attack hostile NPC’s, and vice versa. It’s always been this way…

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Lancers flying with Minmatar Npc friendly? So they are alliance right now? So Lancers can be shoot and NPC officers will do nothing just watch. SO good game designFlaws

The only reason they be there by hostile is they are baiting you in high sec to shoot them

Even if that was the case, now you know, and you won’t shoot at them anymore, right?

WHY? 111

Why? Because you are meant to protect yourself from the various hostile entities that exist in EVE. If it worked the way you are wanting it to, then you could attack a hostile NPC and run to the local police or Concord and have them fight for you, and that’s not how EVE works…


Just for baiting there and with blue officers hanging around in their patrol area? This game is more baiting and shittty than i think it is. Maybe it is released today so there are so many code errors. Oh i forgot there is no game released recent years geraphic design and baiting need players charge money despertatly like this !

Nothing wrong with the way EVE is coded or the gameplay. You are literally the first person I have seen post about this issue on the forum. Occasionally, a player will ask about them in Rookie Help because they made the same mistake as you.

Long story short, if you don’t know what something is or what it’s capable of, don’t shoot it. Google it or ask in help or on the forum first.

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Let’s give you a picture, Hostiles in 0.9 gate with blue NPC hanging around, shoot them be instant scrambed and webbed, tell me the reason they are not for baiting just a another trickking you to lose something even in a high sec, so great

IT’s game bro, its in 0.9 high sec should be safe. This game is like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy fking desperate with game falws( not Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy) and designs and bad geraphic desgin

Just wait until you get nuked by FOB rats while mining in a 0.9 system. I’m sure you’ll be back to post about that experience as well…


There are no safe spaces in EVE, nor should there be…