WTS 10.4m Cov Cyno/Tengu/Gila/worm pilot

Teck Pappotte

Perfect use as a unknown hunter while also able to run missions/abyssals with Tengu/Gila.

Highlights: Cov cyno, tengu, gila, worm pilot
HAM spec, rockets spec, light missiles spec, light/med drone 5.

NPC corp
Located in Orvolle I
Positive Wallet, No kill rights
2 Bonus Remaps Available
10.4m SP (260k Unallocated SP)

Buyout 10b

Skill link not working

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Thanks for the headsup. It’s updated now.

7b to get you started

8b and we have a deal. Less than that I would save for later use.

Deal, isk and account name sent

Character transfered. Should be there in 12h.

Appreciated, thank you!

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