WTS 10.63mil SP, Blockade and Barge pilot

  • Skill points : 10 630 600
  • Security status : 1.7
  • Positive/negative wallet : +
  • Location: Jita
  • Kill rights: None
  • Remaps: 1 + 2 bonus

Power Grid Management V
Rapid Firing V
Evasive Maneuvering V
Industry V
And few others level V


Starting at 6.3bil … reasonnables offers accepted

Starting your bids at 10bil is pushing it right out of the gate.
Ill Start you off at a reasonable bid of 5 to get you going.

My offer lasts for 24 hours, and will update if im outbid.

5.5b offer

To be honest, I’ll let this go for 24hrs

I’ll msg in game the highest bidder after that

It’s my first sale so I take it easy

Thanks for all interest


Changed it for 6.3 hope you can bid now :stuck_out_tongue:

Good call on lowering the amount. Shows that you are reasonable and can be worked with in good faith. I really dont need your character, however it can be used for one thing or the other lol.

Look at it this way, gave you a free bump if Im outbid.
Good luck, Ill check back in 4 hours once my plane lands for a layover. Internet sucks on this flight.
Good luck and all that =)

5.9 b/o if we can get the transfer started tonight.

I cant get the page to load for your skills, can you tell me how long it of a train to get into a freighter? And do you have any orca skills started?

Again sorry to ask you to check, Im just 30k feet up in a plane at the moment and wifi is bad.

5.65 offer :stuck_out_tongue:

6 bil offer

6.1, lets get this done.

Getting 3 more hours and then its to the last highest bid ! Thanks for interest


Jadem Allego all yours

Transfert money and ill start character transfert

i’ll message you in game when transfert start

Thank you all

You want transfert under which account ?

Msg me answer online please

Thank you

If he hasn’t responded I’ll match his bid. Let me know if you’re interested.

Just proceed, all yours, never got back to me, no time to waste

Thank you

Let me know in game account to transfert.

Bump … nobody is reliable it seems … still on sale …

I will take per email. Isk transfered and account name sent.

Damn just got on today. Good find. :smile: