WTS 10.6M SP - Miner/Industry - SOLD

WTS 10.6M SP - Miner/Industry

Balance is around or above 0 ISK.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Character in the Jita system.
Attribute remaps available.
EveSkillboard: EveSkillboard - Qualla Amborante

Bid fairly pls. :wink:


Can;t you do a bit better (and why… )

Who will give me 5B?

4 bil from me.

Agreed. Please ingame mail details and ISK.

ISK and details sent. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Awaiting CCP confirmation. Going to work now so will be checking tonight.
Fly safe,
Giu out

Recieved - transfer initiated.

I can confirm receiving the email from CCP:

“Another player is transferring the character Qualla Amborante to your account named …”

Kind regards,

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