WTS 100% focused VNI Pilot born 2009 5.3M/sp

You can see the toon he used to buy the Original Character

Cheers mate

hi i started the transfer already what is wrong?

i started it 2 days ago

what do you mean you dont recieve ANY response? i said i already started it 2 days ago and i said it before you even start complaining

If you read my post, I stated i’m not receiving any response, because, I wasn’t and that was 20 hours later. I think I have the right to complain when the character doesn’t turn up and the seller doesn’t give an explanation as to why it’s taking so long. On top of that, all documentation about transfers state it takes about 10 hours, we’re at 48 hours, what’s happening with it?

send a ticket to ccp

yes but ccp changed it and now the plex transfer go trough ticket and i sent it on tuesday at 18:55

I didn’t know it was a plex transfer, you should have mentioned that when I first asked what was happening with it

Transfer complete, I have received the character.

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