WTS 100% focused VNI Pilot born 2009 5.3M/sp

Positive wallet
Located in Jita4-4


start bid

3b to start

5b starting

I could do 5b b/o

no thank you

what price are you looking for?

around 6.5b

6b b/o? that’s about as far as i’d stretch tbh

ok 6b accepted send isk and acc name

Ok brilliant, i’ll contact you ingame soon with isk and account name

Isk and account name sent

ok i will start the transfer soon

Would you advise me as to when you have started the transfer please? Thanks

yes is already started

No CCP email and no toon on the account, what’s happening?

Darken Fate

Is it? What’s happening with it then?

@Yul_Balright If you don’t receive an appropriate response from the seller you can submit a ticket to CCP and they will investigate.

I’m not receiving ANY response from the seller.