Wts 109.9 Multifunctional toon: NyX pilot


The time has come! I am selling my little boy!


Firstly born as a miner, he was later developed to fly Nyx.

Drones, shields and armor almost perfect developed

According to CCP rules, character is in Npc corp, got some isk on the wallet, got positive security status. If i forget to mention anything please ask.

Starting bid: 75 bil
B/o 85 bil

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Daily bump

50bil ready

You joking?

you need to disclose locations of jump clones.


65 bil, isk ready

Daily bump

72 bil

B/o is reduced, hurry up to grab the toon for 80 bil

New b/o: 75 bil

Would you be able to do 75 bil?

I’ll meet you in the middle at 73.5 bil.

Deal! Send me 73.5 bil isk and info where to transfer the toon please

The ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks L.T.!

Please advise on the status of the character transfer.

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