WTS 10m SP PvP Char Cyno PI Orca Purpoise Mining Boost Interceptor Covert Assault of 2013 8,5b BO

9b and it goes to new owner…

is char still for transfer

yes off course

how far from rorq

It isnt an rorq char, he need round about 50 days for rorqual…

bumb up

9b buyout now - first comes first draws

bumb to the top… 9b first comes first draws

and up … 8,5b new offer

bumb bumb

and up… anyone any offers? or i go to skill to rorqual for better sale… let wait a few days

9b ready to go


send isk and acc infos to this char

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Will Send later today when I am not at work

ok deal

9.5 < bid

sry the 9b deal is the deal

if the other guy witht he 9b deal don pay in the next 2 hours, you can bid it…

isk sent

ok the infos where to send the char… and it goes forward :slight_smile:

evemail sent with account name