WTS 11.3M Drone Boat Pilot - CANCELED


7bil .

I will sell to highest bidder on Monday.
Also 96000 federal Administration LP in Wallet


7.5b b/o

Let me do a simple math
12 Injectors + 5.5M SP >= 20 EUR + 8.2B

So as long as offers stay under 8.2B, skimming the char and even purging it after is more lucrative on my side.

12 injectors or 6m extraction is only 4b when you factor in extractor cost

That being said I’m willing to pay 8.2b

@LowishGround send 8.2B isk and account information then i will start transfer

You’ll have to wait until I get home from work. Should be around 1930 Eve time.

8.5b b/o

@Gurkain whenever you send isk and acc info i will start trasfer

Did this sell for 8.5 then or did he not send isk? I never sent mine even though you hadn’t commented as I assumed I was outbid. If it’s still available we can probably work something out

Currently i did not receive from anyone.
By tomorrow server reset if no changes in wallet char gets skimmed

Who ever sends 8.5B will get character if more than one person do this i will send back except the first person send it.

@LowishGround if you can make it in 3 hours 15 minutes it will be 8.35 for you