WTS 11.5M SP scanner/hunter

I am docked in Cistuvaert, Gallente highsec with positive balance, no kill rights, no jump clones, and an interesting name.
I have 10,845,129 skill points dedicated to interceptors, gas huffing, reactions, scanning, and good core skills. I also have 750,000 free skill points and 3 remaps.

BO 10b

6.5B offer. free injectable SP is included in your total SP so you are actually 10.8M SP.

Are you sure? on the eveskillboard website it specifically says that it does not include unallocated SP.

yes, unallocated SP is already in the total

7B offer

Urmez and No Ketchup are incorrect. This char is at 11.5m sp total (which equals 13 extractors). To the OP: log in and take a screenshot to settle it.

papa stalin you said it 100% correct you can say youre total sp in the titale wich is sp+ unallocated
and in the post you put them seperatly
i am not goign to make a offer but i am goign to give you a stern advice
keep a eye on 1 bil per mil sp so i would go for between 11 and 12 bil minimum for this toon some wormholers are goign to love it
and dont sell to ppl who only want to buy toons to extract them you put to much work in this toon

It definitely says on the website that it does not include free SP (and 750,000 is a lot!). Also yes this toon was my wormhole alt!

8b offer


Sold, contact Alias Tatan in game when ready to make the transaction.

Bump, sale never completed, character still available.

7b offer

7.5b offer

If no more offers by the time I wake up, I’ll take this (Baron Biggles)

8b offer


Sold, contact Alias Tatan in game when ready to make the transfer

Hi, sent message in game

Isk sent!!

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