WTS 11.8m Kronos pilot

Bill Bull Bambushka

Focused starter Kronos pilot

NPC corp
Will be located in Orvolle I
Positive Wallet, No kill rights
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Total SP 11,857,147 Skillpoints

Buy out: 13b

Where are you starting the bidding?

7Bil- Ready

7.5bil - I will buy

8 Bil ii can pay QUICK

Thanks for the bids, but not interested in any quick or low bids.
Would expect more than this, otherwise I continue skill and use.

U get hardly 6 Bil after extracting skills

if he doesn’t accept 8b it would be better to just inject skill and make new one…

Who said I desperately need to sell this and will extract otherwise?
“I get hardly 6 bill after extracting”. How many skill injectors do you get for 8b? 9x500k SP?

12m sp = ~24 LSI.
24x900 = +20b.
So you have the option as IX Shimakaze said to inject ~20 LSI for almost 18-20b or pay about half for the toon and spend the rest on ships or other stuff. So yea, 8b is too low and I can continue to use and skill.

U forgot the 5mil SP limit
And also forgot the extractor price

Listen mate I m not trying to loot u by playing low price
8 Bil it perfect price
U are skilled only for kronos hull so whoever buys needs to inject more to make a quick progress to real Kronos.
So whoever wants to fly this will definitely needs to inject skill (T2 modules+ magic 14 etc)
Please from next time start a Price check thread before posting the actual sell that way u don’t get


Thanks for the bumps and I understand you want everything as cheap as possible.
But I don’t understand why you keep mentioning the extractor prices and extracting skills? Why aren’t we talking about the cost of injecting, since you want to have a character with more SP than a starter?

This is a character that would cost more than 20b to inject if you start one from scratch.

Just look at other threads. 15.8m paladin pilot sold for 19.7b,
5m transport pilot sold for 4bill, some random 10m sp sold for 9b, 6.7m sp miners sold for ~7bill.
Your logic with counting extractors does not make sense.

Value is what the buyer wants to pay. Either we agree or not and I am still selling for far less than the time/cost it would take to get another character to 12m sp.
You deciding whats a fair price and counting towards your benefits is… meh

So no, 8b is not good enough and you would need to come up with little more than that.

Have a nice evening

Please look around other sales an have an idea of other similar sales. Its okay if u looking for more.
And if we could just inject skills so why look here to buy character.
And I can pay 8 bil highest as soon as (if) u agree and will withdraw if someone else bids higher/u close the sell.

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8.5b offer - isk ready now - offer will be valid for 24hrs

I can accept 9bill.

Confirmed. please lock this offer. Sending a mail ingame

Ok confirmed. Sent you a eve mail.

ISK sent. Mail sent with account name

Transfer is in progress now.
Not sure they send out mails about it, but should have the character in 12h on your account.