WTS 113.6m SP Dread5,Freighter 5,BO 5,Carrier 5 PVP GOD

Positive wallet
In Jita 4-4
Sec Status 4.2
Remap available x 1
In NPC Corp
No kill rights

Start bid: 80b
BO: make serious offer

skillboard doesn’t work

85b b/o

skillboard should work now
thanks for first bid but defintely not a BO price

90bil buy out. isk in hand

I offer 91b

thanks offers

we are near the reserve for bidding

92b offer

93b offer


108b is extraction value

reserve at 108b

you might want to check your math on that

please enlighten me than if i am wrong

sure, current extractor price is around 512-515. LSI’s are going for 960ish. your char would provide 216 LSI’s

Based on my quick napkin math, profit from those injectors would be 92bil.

plucking those numbers in you are right.

i was working with
extractor: 500m
injector: 1b

for extractor value sale, i save it do it myself and save the 20 usd transfer fee

ah not to even to mention 216injectors from scratch wont get you even close to the 113m SP

but alas :slight_smile:

All good. not trying to give ya a hard time. Just thought i’d try to help set expectations :slight_smile:

value =! extraction value

very misleading

wrongly set expectations in my oppinion, free to think as you want tough

for more offers

if you don’t want to wait, i can send 92bil right now

bump for this amazing character

Offering 94