WTS 12.2m SP Focused Hauler

Selling myself

12,294,210 skillpoints
Focus trained into Amarr Haulers (DST/BR/Freighter/JF), including JD skills.
Bonus remap available.
No kill rights
Positive ISK balance
Will come without assets, located in Perimeter
11b b/o

big bump

big bump

Would you take 9b?

9.5 B

b/o or best offer by the 25th is preferred.

Okay. Will go with the 11b. Sell at that?

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Yes sir, send the ISK to “Sammael Solaren” along with an evemail for the account you would like me to transfer to.

Any update?

To other prospective buyers, i suppose this character is back open if I don’t get a reply.

Couldnt you have sold this toon like 2 months ago?
I will take him for 10b and i should be able to send you the ISK around DT tomorrow.
If you choose to accept i will have to biomass this poor guy first :frowning:.

Works for me, let me know when you are ready.

I did send the ISK:

I did also send an PM with the account name.

You can still contact the toon, that send the ISK, this toon has to die now.
Fly safe

EDIT: The 10h biomass timer did just start.

Awesome, i’ll start the transfer either tomorrow morning before work if I can, if not it’ll be sometime on my lunch break. Ill update the thread once I initiated transfer.

(assuming i have to wait for your biomass)

EDIT: Just confirmed, i will have to wait for your biomass as i get the “Target user has too many characters” error message.

My timer is done and i will biomass right now.
Hit me up, if there are any problems

The train noise is brutal

ISK recieved, transfer initiated.

Got the character, can somehow still use sarn to chat.

Thx for the smooth transfer

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