WTS 13 mil mission run/ PI

Caldari Battleship to V
Cruise Missiles to V

Social to V (for better pay outs. )

Corporate Standings with Sisters of Eve is 5.7
She can get level 4 missions from the Sisters of Eve agent in Osmon

On the other hand, she also has basic PI Skills trained.

Command Centers to V
Consolidation is only IV, though.

So she can run 5 colonies with maxed out command centers.

If you wanted, I guess you could skill drain her down to 5 mil Sp and then just have her do PI for passive income.

Skill board says she’s good for 17 extractors.

I don’t feel like dragging this out, so, buyout is set at 10.5 b (extraction value plus cost to transfer.)

I’ll entertain offers from 8.5 b (Since at least you’re saving the the effort of extracting.)


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