WTS 13 year old Char, 12million SP. VNI Ratter / Lots of injected skills!

Character for sale is me!


12million SP

Reskilled recently to VNI rat but also has many skills including trade.

Lots of skills bought and injected including hauling, industry, mining, asto

Two clones wearing +4’s

Located in Jita. Positive 1.0 sec status.

Remap available.

Char from 2005!

Can you post an eve skillboard from https://eveskillboard.com/



8b offered

8.5b offer

Bump :slight_smile:

10B B/O

Deal! I’ve not sold a char before so let me google what to do next. Also feel free to Direct Message me to chat further.

I have also sent you an IGM

Hello I havent heard from you, are you still interested?

Auction still live, previous BO offer hasn’t been followed up.

@Crazyfist I can/would do a 9b isk/buyout let me know if you are interested.

would you do 9.5?

@Crazyfist sure going to send over isk + account information shortly

@Crazyfist isk and account information sent

Hi! Sorry for the delay in responding I’ve been working on away so haven’t had chance to get online.

I will do the transfer ASAP once I’m at a PC.

Character has been transferred!



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